Refrigerators and MicroFridge Rentals provides Oberlin students with the opportunity to rent a microfrige or fridge for their rooms. The microfridge is Energy Star rated with a special switching system that saves energy and eases electrical draw preventing breakers from tripping.  This is the only microfridge allowed in the residence halls.  At least one Community refrigerator and microwave is provided in the kitchenette areas of each residence hall.

The microfridge comes with a 600-watt microwave oven, full freezer, and a refrigerator in one, compact unit. Microfridges are permitted in the following buildings:

  • All of Village Housing (Union Street, 137 Elm Street, Firelands, and Residential Houses)
  • Bailey (French House)
  • Burton
  • Harvey (Spanish House)
  • Kade (German House)
  • Kahn (First Year Experience-Sustainability)
  • Lord-Saunders (Afrikan Heritage House)
  • Noah
  • Price (Third World House)
  • Quadrangle (Asia House)
  • Zechiel Hall  

The fridge comes with 2.9 cubic feet of storage capacity and a full freezer.  Fridges (without microwaves) are permitted in all residence halls and village housing.

Students may preorder their MicroFridge by AUGUST 11th and have it delivered to their room before move-in day. MicroFridges may also be rented on move-in day, but quantities will be limited.  For more information or to place an order, please visit

Please note Oberlin does not provide mircofridge or fridge rentals. This vendor is not affiliated with Oberlin College and is a private company.