Consumer Driven Health Plan Open Enrollment

Eligible employees who elect the CDHP may fund a health savings account each year on a pre-tax basis. Oberlin College will deposit money into the HSA even if you do not add your own funds into the account. (To be eligible for Oberlin College funding, you must participate in a Biometric Screening and on online Health Risk Assessment.)  These HSA dollars can be used to cover 100 percent of HSA-eligible expenses. If dollars remain at year-end, they roll over for you to use in the future. The HSA account is owned by you and is also portable; you take it with you if you leave the plan or the college.  

You may contact Cigna for pre-enrollment assistance:

  • Faculty/A&PS/Confidentials/OCOPE - call: 1-800-401-4041

Click here for the general open enrollment website.

Please review this letter for benefit specific information for Faculty/A&PS/Confidentials, and this letter for OCOPE. For additional details please review the links below:

For specific plan comparisons based on medical expenses, log onto using the following credentials:

  • Faculty/A&PS/Confidentials - ID: Oberlin2017, Password: cigna
  • OCOPE - ID: OberlinOCOPE2017, Password: cigna

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