Dental Insurance

Oberlin College offers three dental plans:

  1. Superior Dental Care – Core Plan
  2. Superior Dental Care - Enhanced Plan
  3. CIGNA Dental Care – HMO Plan

Superior Dental Care (SDC) administers the above two plans under SDC PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). SDC has approximately 400 provider locations within 25 miles of the Oberlin campus; 21 within 10 miles of the campus, and 6 in Oberlin. SDC’s network consists of approximately 10,000 locations throughout the states of Ohio and Kentucky. (If services are obtained outside of these states, the claims will be processed at the out-of-network rates.) Please find additional information about these plans below.

Superior Dental Care Plans : SDC’s Core Plan covers preventive and basic services; the Enhanced Plan covers preventive, basic and major services, including some orthodontic services as outlined in the link above. To find SDC in-network dentists, you may view the SDC Directory.

CIGNA Dental Care administers the third plan under Cigna Dental HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). Coverage under the CIGNA Dental HMO is limited to in-network providers with locations in all 50 states. Please find additional information about this plan below.

CIGNA Dental Care (HMO) Plan : The plan provides coverage based on a Patient Charge Schedule. It covers basic services and major dental services such as crowns, dentures, and orthodontics (adult and child). To find CIGNA HMO Dentists, you may view the directory on, and then follow the directions to find a doctor/dentist, and select the plan above.

To participate in any of the dental plans, benefits-eligible employees must enroll within 31 days from the date of hire or during the annual Open Enrollment in the month of October, with an effective coverage date of January 1. Current enrollments roll over automatically to the new plan year. During the annual Open Enrollment period, you may enroll, change, or cancel your Dental plan. If you are currently enrolled and do not need to change or cancel your plan, you do not need to take any action during the annual Open Enrollment. (Note: You may change or cancel your enrollment within 31 days of a status change such as marriage, birth/adoption, divorce, legal separation or annulment, or death. If this is applicable to you, please contact Human Resources at 440-775-8430.)

For questions about the plans, please contact Human Resources at 440-775-8430.


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