Vision Insurance

CIGNA is the vision insurance carrier for Oberlin College. The CIGNA Vision Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with in-network and out-of-network benefits.  Each participant receives eye examination, lenses and frames or contacts once a year.  (Unionized employees may be eligible for eye exam copay reimbursement.)  For further coverage information and union eye exam reimbursement, please view the links below.

To participate in the plan, benefits-eligible employees must enroll for vision coverage within 31 days from their date of hire or during the annual Open Enrollment period in the month of October. During the Open enrollment period, an employee may enroll or cancel their vision plan. If employees do not need to make changes or cancel their vision plan, their current enrollment will automatically roll over into the next plan year.  (Note:  You may change or cancel your enrollment within 31 days of a status change such as marriage, birth/adoption, divorce, legal separation or annulment, or death.  If this is applicable to you, please contact Human Resources at 440-775-8430.)

For questions about the plan, please contact Human Resources at 440-775-8430.


2017 Vision Plan SPD - detailed
Coverage Information
Vision Sample ID Card
 Vision Claim Form
Eye Reimbursement Request - OCOPE
Eye Reimbursement Request - UAW or Security
Summary Annual Report