Travel and Transportation


Before travelling outside of the United States F-1 visa holders should make sure that the third page of their I-20 has been signed within a year of the date they will re-enter the United States and that their passport will be valid for at least six months after their planned next departure from the U.S.

Plan ahead to acquire any visas that might be required by the countries you will travel to or through.  Many of Oberlin's international students travel to or through Canada at some point during their stay at Oberlin.  You can learn about the process for obtaining a visa to visit Canada here.

F-1 visa holders may travel within the United States without obtaining special permission but should aways be sure to carry their valid passport (with an unexpired US visa) and I-20 with them.


International students often ask how they can travel to locations outside the walking distance from campus.   The following link provide the best information the international students office has regarding the available resources:

Transportation Options for Students: an Oberlin College website that links to variety of student transportation options including Airport Shuttle Options; Getting Around Campus, and Travel From Oberlin.