Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association provides a lifelong community for students and alumni of Oberlin College. It is an effective partner in supporting Oberlin’s academic and artistic excellence, and enhances commitment to Oberlin’s historic values and community service.

To learn more about the support the Alumni Association provides current students and alums as well as hopefully how to get involved with its efforts please check out the Alumni Association website.

Alumni Affiliate Groups

The Multicultural Resource Center works very closely with and greatly appreciates the support of a number of the Alumni Affiliate groups (Oberlin Association of Alumni of African Ancestry, Oberlin Lambda Alumni, Oberlin Latino Alumni Association, and Oberlin Asian Pacific American Alumni Association) of the Alumni Association. We collaborate around creating connections between alumni and current students both on and away from campus in order to provide current students with a wide range of opportunities for support, mentorship, and access to resources. If you are interested in learning more about the Alumni Affiliate groups please check out the following websites.

Be a Volunteer!

Interested in continuing to build and support strong and dynamic student communities of color and LGBT communities at Oberlin after you graduate? Volunteers working with the Alumni Association, Office of Admissions, and the Career Center as volunteers provide invaluable support by: hosting alumni events; recruiting new students to Oberlin; helping current students in your area working on Winter Term projects; helping current students network and connect to alumni resources; mentoring current students around professional work and career considerations; providing current students with information and access to internships, summer and full-time employment opportunities.

If you are interested in being a volunteer for the Alumni Association please edit the "Activities & Interests" section of your Alumni Directory Profile. If you would like to help out the Office of Admissions please contact them at either or and for the Career Center please either email or call (440) 775-8140.