MRC Programs

Since its inception in 1995, the MRC has sponsored, cosponsored, and supported a diverse array of educational, cultural, political, activist, and social programs. Some examples of past programs are listed below, and detail about major programs is provided at their respective pages.

Program Listing by Category
Conferences Hip Hop Conference
Biennial Midwest Asian/Pacific American Students Conference
Gospel Conference
"Working Our Way Home" Conference
Filipino American Students Association Symposium
Oberlin Korean Students Association Conference
Annual Events Africana Host Family Program
Coming Out Week
Drag Ball
Kuumba Week
MRC Student Leader Gatherings
MRC Student Leader Retreat
Oberlin en Lorain Program
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transgender Week of Awareness
World AIDS Week
Annual Speaker Series Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
Black History Celebration
Latino/a Celebration
Indigenous Women's Series
"My Name is My Own": Queering the Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
Women's History Month
Film Series LGBT Film Series
Latino/a Film Series
Educational Programs and Workshops Asian American Women's Discussion Series
Latino/a Discussion Series
Men of Color Discussion Series
Comparative American Students Info Sessions
Finding the I in the middle of RacIsm
LGBTQ and Athletics
Anti-Opression and Sexual/Dating Violence Workshops
Many Voices/Building Communities
Privilege and Allyship Forum
Transgender Ally 101 Training
Transgender Ally 202 Training
Understanding the Intersections of Oppression
MRC Student Leader Gatherings
MRC Student Leader Retreats
Performances Dance Diaspora (student dance group)
The Welfare Poets (activists/performance artists)
Yellow Rage (hip hop artists)
kay barett (activist/performance artist)
Colors of Rhythm (student of color dance event)
Deep Dickollective (hip hop artists)
Ingrid Rivera (activist/performance artist)
Mizaaj (South Asian cultural show)
Packing Heat (drag king show)
Hanifah Walidah (activist/performance artist)
LeRoy Moore, Jr. (activist/performance artist)
Adelina Anthony (activist/performance artist)
Staceyann Chin (activist/performance artist)
Lenelle Moise (activist/performance artist)
Annie Humphrey (activist/performance artist)
Social Events Alumni Gatherings and Reunions
MRC Bowling at the College Lanes
Weekly Lunch and TV with the MRC
MRC 'Scocial
MRC New and Returning Student Open House
Africana New Students Reception
Asian/Pacific American New Student Reception
LGBTQ New Student Dessert Reception
Latino/a New Student Reception
MRC End-of-Year Social
Prospective Student Open House
"Regression Session" Study Breaks
Graduate and Family Appreciation Commencement Events
Weekly MRC Socials
MRC Staff Campus Tour
Publications As I Am (A/PA student publication)
DESI (Discourse Expressing South Asian issues)
In Solidarity (POC biweekly newspaper)
MRC Newsletters
Nommo (Africana student publication)
Zami Zine (queer/questioning POC publication)