Staff and Steering Committee


Hsiu-Chuang Deppman (email | web)
Director of the Oberlin Center for Languages and Cultures
Associate Professor of Chines and Cinema Studies
Director of East Asian Studies
Peters Hall 314
(440) 775-5315

Jessica Greenfield (email | web
Director of Cooper International Learning Center (CILC)
Lecturer in Italian
Peters Hall 331
(440) 775-8595

Blanche Villar (email)
Administrative Assistant, OCLC
Peters Hall 301
(440) 775-5257

Steering Committee

Hsiu-Chuang Deppman (email web
Associate Professor of Chinese and Cinema Studies; Director of East Asian Studies

Jessica Greenfieldl (email | web
Director of Cooper International Learning Center (CILC), Lecturer in Italian

Sebastiaan Faber (email | web
Professor and Chair of Hispanic Studies

Steve Huff (email | web)
Professor of German, Chair, Department of German Languages and Literatures

Matthew Senior (email | web
Professor of French, Chair, Department of French and Italian

Arlene Forman  (email | web)
Associate Professor of Russian, Chair, Department of Russian Language, Literature and Culture 

Stiliana Milkova (email
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature

Gavin Tritt (email)
Executive Director, SHANSI

Charles Edward McGuire (email)
Professor, Music History & Literature

Linda Arbogast (email)
Interim Director for International Programs

Taylor Allen(email)
Associate Professor, Biology Department

Laura Baudot (email)
Associate Professor of English