This guide lists the credit and/or placement awarded for exam scores taken prior to Oberlin matriculation.

Incoming students may receive credit toward graduation for:

  1. successful completion of college-level coursework in secondary school, as measured by performance on the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) examination
  2. work completed in International Baccalaureate (IB) programs
  3. successful completion of approved liberal arts courses taken at a college while enrolled in high school; credits for such courses must appear on a transcript from an accredited college or university

Work transferred to Oberlin may be counted (within the overall limit of five full academic courses or the equivalent prior to matriculation and three full academic courses after matriculation) toward the degree but will not count toward the general degree requirements (e.g., the curriculum exploration requirement or cultural diversity requirement). For complete information on the general degree requirements, see the Oberlin Catalog.

AP and IB credit is granted on the assumption that the student does not enroll in an equivalent course at Oberlin; a student must relinquish credit if he/she enrolls in the equivalent course.

Oberlin accepts only higher-level scores for International Baccalaureate credit.

Departmental policies subject to change. Last revised May 2016.