Information for Advising

Advising Information for Fall 2016

This document describes features that will enhance your advising process for Fall 2016.

What can I see in PRESTO about my advisees?

What information will enhance your advising session? Do you want to know how to see if your advisee is registered? What about helping your advisee decide on whether to change a major to a minor? The following guide will provide a list of information about your advisee that will assist you during advising sessions.

PRESTO Guide for Advisors

Download a PDF of the guide that provides a list of information about your advisees.



The Degree Works Audit

 The last link in the Advisor Menu will direct you to Degree Works which is the software that evaluates a student's degree progress. In addition to the "Worksheet" which provides you with the progress of your advisee in terms of the general and major requirements, you can also produce a "What If" report (see the left hand side) to evaluate where a student will be if she/he adds a new major or minor. The what if report will also allow you to look up classes in the Oberlin Online Catalog and add them to the what if report. 

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The Oberlin Catalog

The Registrar's Office updates the Oberlin Catalog frequently with new course information. On the left side are many useful links to help in locating courses that meet the writing, Quantitative Proficiency, or Cultural Diversity requirements. 

Archived Course Catalogs:
The 2005-2006 through 2016-2017 catalogs can be found by going to the current course catalog and using the pull-down menu to the upper right.

Note: Catalogs for academic years from 2001-2002 through 2004-2005 are available at: Each of those catalogs also includes a separate supplement of changes and a schedule of classes for fall and spring semesters.)

A Helpful Hint to Display Course Descriptions in the Catalog

Did you know that there is a short cut to displaying course descriptions in the catalog? Instead of clicking on each course entry to see the description, you can go to "Oberlin College Courses Offered in 2016-17 (and planned offerings in future years)" (on the left hand side of the catalog home page, then select courses you would like to see (for example, all courses in Chemistry by using the course filter at the top). When the list of courses are displayed, click on "Print-Friendly Page" option on the right hand side. A new window will display with an option to "Expand All Courses." Clicking on that link will display all course descriptions in your list.

Learning Outcomes Approved by the Arts and Sciences Faculty, December 2, 2015

The Arts and Sciences faculty approved these learning outcomes on December 2, 2015. 

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