Grading Information for Faculty

Grading Instructions for Final Grades

Office of the Registrar

Key Dates for Final Grade Submission


Final Grade Submission available in PRESTO                                                 Tuesday, December 5

Deadline to Submit Final Grades via PRESTO                                                 Tuesday, January 2

(PRESTO is unavailable between the hours of 4:00 am and 6:00 am E.S.T.)

Reports produced for Academic Standing Committees                                              Friday, January 5

All Grades available to students on PRESTO                                                             Friday, January 5

Deadline for Work due From Students with an Approved Incomplete                        Wednesday, January 3

(Yellow grade sheets will be sent to you on approximately this date so that you can record the final grade.)

Incomplete Grades due to Registrar                                                                          Monday, January 8

Academic Standing Committee meets                                                                      Week of January 15



It is critical that you use the correct version of a browser when logging on to PRESTO to submit final grades. Chrome is not supported.

Unlike mid-term grades, the final grades submission process is specially written for Oberlin and has slightly different browser requirements.  Please read the instructions below before logging in to submit your grades.  You will be able to log into PRESTO with many different browsers but you will not be able to submit grades if you are not using one of the approved browsers mentioned below. Please take a minute to review the instructions and insure you are using an acceptable browser. 

The PRESTO system supports the following browsers:
Windows - current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox
Macs - current versions of Safari and Firefox
Chrome is not supported.

Other browsers are not supported--they may or may not permit you to connect to PRESTO, and they may or may not be fully compatible with the Final Grading in the PRESTO system. Please note that this reflects decisions made by our software vendor, not decisions made directly by the Center for Information Technology. To protect your privacy, the PRESTO server is configured to encrypt information sent to your browser, and to receive information that has been encrypted by your browser. In general, the more recent the browser release, the faster its performance.


Once you have determined that you are using an acceptable browser version, go to (PRESTO is also available from the home page, Oberlin Online, and the online catalog.) 

1. Click on the red PRESTO Login button at the PRESTO home page.

Your User ID is your T#; your PIN is your password for PRESTO. (This is NOT your Obie ID and password.) Please remember to: ALWAYS CAPITALIZE THE T IN YOUR T#.

If you have forgotten your T#, please contact Jessica Lear for assistance from your Oberlin email address. We cannot send PIN information to a email address. If you have forgotten your PIN, you may log onto PRESTO using your T number and click on the “Forgot PIN” button. You will be asked to answer your “security question” and then you can select a new PIN.

2. Click on the FACULTY AND ADVISORS link.

3. At the next menu, choose the OBERLIN FINAL GRADES link.

You will initially be asked to identify a term; please note that the default semester may be later than the current term in which you are submitting grades; you may need to scroll through the selections to choose the correct semester. The courses for which you are listed as primary instructor will then be available.

4. Choose the course in the SELECT CRN (course reference number) pull down menu. Registered students will be presented in alphabetical order for the CRN submitted.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK EACH CRN FOR STUDENTS. You may have just one student in a private reading and you must submit a grade for that student.


To report a grade, choose the appropriate grade from the pull-down menu located next to each student's name. The appropriate grades for the student will be presented. Every student must receive a grade. 

For students with a grade mode of “T”

A+ through C-, D (No D+)(Passing Grades)

F (Failing Grade)

INC (Approved Incomplete)

* (Deferred)

For Students with a grade mode of “P”

P (Pass) (Grades of A+ through C-)

NP (No Pass) (Grades of D or F)

Approved Incompletes

If the student is approved for an incomplete grade, you may enter the incomplete grade and default grade must be recorded in the next column. Please do not enter a grade of Incomplete unless you received approval from the Dean of Studies office or the Conservatory Dean’s office. If you enter a grade of Incomplete and it has not been approved, we will remove the Incomplete from the student’s record. 

Grades of Incomplete/Default Grades: The Office of the Registrar will only record approved Incomplete Grades. Before assigning an Incomplete, you must have approval from the Office of the Dean of Studies (for courses taught in the Arts and Sciences) or Mary Kay Gray, Associate Dean in the Conservatory of Music (for courses taught in the Conservatory). If you award a grade of incomplete, you must also provide a “default grade” in the column to the right of the final grade. The default grade is critically important to the academic standing process because it gives the academic standing committees an indicator of where the student is academically as of the point when final grades are submitted. The default grade is the grade--based on assignments, tests and exams submitted--the student would receive if no other work were submitted by the deadline for incomplete work. The final grade will be due in January for First Semester courses and in June for Second Semester Courses; a supplemental grade sheet will be sent to collect the final grade. If no final grade is submitted, the default grade will be recorded on the student’s official record.

A grade of Incomplete will require entry of a default grade. Please see the grade memo for more information about default grades.

Writing And Quantitative and Formal Reasoning

A passing grade (D and higher or P) will result in a student earning credit for writing or quantitative and formal reasoning. No extra step to note the completion of the requirement is needed. 

Auditors: If “AU” appears in the grade option column, then the student has elected to audit the course and is to be assigned either an AU (successful audit) or F (unsuccessful audit) grade.  

Written Evaluations: Students taking a course under the P/NP option may ask faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences for written evaluations in courses for which a grade of P is earned. Forms for such evaluations are available for students in the lobby outside the Office of the Registrar and are downloadable from our website; please return the completed form to our office.


When you are finished reporting grades for the particular CRN, click the Submit button near the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation: “Update successful. XX (the number of grades you submitted) Grades were posted.” If a second page exists for your class list, you will see a link for the sets of records (e.g., 26-50) at the top and the bottom of the page. Click on the correct link for the next set of grades; you will receive an informational message (“Page was processed. No grades were posted.”) and then you will be taken to the next page. If you click on the Submit button more than once, you will get a message that says no grades were posted.


If you have another class and want to record the grades for it, at the bottom of the page is a link “Return to Previous”. This will take you back to the Menu and from there you can click on the CRN Selection step where you can select another CRN. When you select the next CRN, you will be returned to the main menu. From there, you will need to select the final grades link again.  

If you do not have grades to record, please remember to exit PRESTO by clicking on the EXIT link at the top of the page. Clicking on the EXIT link logs you off which insures no one else may enter grades using your T Number and PIN.


You do not need to put anything in the two columns at the far right of the screen (Date Last Attended MM/DD/YYYY and Attend Hours 0-999.99).

Time Limit: There is a 45 minute time limit in PRESTO; any keystroke (including selecting a grade from the pull down window) will reset the clock.

Reset: A reset button is provided for you in the event that you find you have made an error while recording grades on a page. The reset button will reset all grades on that page to blank; however, once you hit the submit button, the grades are recorded and cannot be reset.  To change a grade or grades, use the pull down window, select the correct grade, and click on submit. You will receive a confirmation message with information as to how many grades were “posted.” 

Withdrawn Students: If a student has withdrawn from your course, the student’s name will appear on your grade sheet with the grade of W in the COURSE GRADE column. A permanent record of the withdrawal has been kept and your course will appear on the student’s academic transcript with a grade of W. You may not award a W grade; if a W does not appear in the Course Grade Column, you must award a letter or P/NP grade. 


If the student listed did not attend and did not complete the course, please record F or NP as appropriate.   The student may not have attended the course but they are still registered and must receive a grade. A W grade is not allowed for any student who did not officially withdraw from the course.

If a student attended your course but does not appear on your grade list, please email Lauren York with the pertinent information: course number and department, student name and T number and the grade the student would have received. The student is not automatically registered for the course; in rare circumstances, a student will be allowed to register late for a course. Sending the information to Lauren York enables our office to have a record of the grade.


When I click on the “submit” button, I get a message “Page not found.”  Only specific browsers may be used to submit grades. Unlike midterm grades, the final grades function is written for Oberlin, it is not standard software. You will need to log out, follow the instructions on the log-in page for final grades, log back in, then enter and submit the grades.

I can’t submit my grades by the deadline.  What should I do?  The deadline to turn in grades is set by the faculty so that students will receive a timely evaluation of their academic performance and progress toward graduation. When the Academic Standing Committees meet in June, they need a complete picture of each student’s performance so that they can make a determination about the student’s future at Oberlin.  Knowing that a student will pass is not enough information; each course grade is critical to the decision making process.

If you are aware of a serious obstacle that will prevent you from meeting the submission deadlines, call the Office of the Registrar (5-8450) to discuss options.  We can sometimes make accommodations for a late grade sheet if we can anticipate that it will be late.  We can also discuss the implications of not turning grades in on time so that you can make the best decision about how to proceed.

The deadline to turn in my grade sheet comes too close to my final exam; it will be almost impossible to turn in the grades on time.  If you encounter an extremely serious problem with scheduling, call our office to discuss options.  It is always helpful for our office to be able to anticipate when grades will be submitted and account for outstanding rosters. 

I will be out of town but need to submit my grades.  What do I do?  Any computer with an internet connection and acceptable browser will enable you to reach PRESTO and submit grades. 

I have a student who attended my class all semester but that student’s name is not on the list of students in PRESTO.  If you will see the student again in class, please ask him or her to call or visit our office so that we can resolve the problem.  In the meantime, please email Lauren York ( with an explanation of the circumstances and the grade the student would receive. In rare circumstances, we may approve a late add to a course however, we will not register the student until the student initiates the request to register and obtains the proper signatures.  Having the grade from you via email enables us to add the grade without having to contact you again.

I have a name on my PRESTO list for a student who has not attended the course all semester.   If the student’s grading option is “T”, you should award the student an F.

On the PRESTO list I have a name of a student who has not attended most of the course during the semester.  The student’s final grade should be determined by your grading policy and the grading option under which the student took your course.

I am awarding an Incomplete to a student in my class.  What is the process for submitting the incomplete?  You must obtain approval in advance for the incomplete grade from the appropriate dean’s office (The Dean of Studies approved incompletes for College of Arts and Sciences students; the Associate Dean in the Conservatory approves incompletes for Conservatory students)  If the student has not been approved for an incomplete grade, we will ask you to submit an alternate grade. The standard deadline for submission of incomplete work is approximately two and a half weeks after the end of the semester, although you may have negotiated an earlier deadline. We will send you a special yellow grade sheet to collect the final grade; please complete the sheet and return it to our office as soon as possible.  For your reference, the incomplete grade policy can be found in the online catalog in the Academic Policies section in the course catalog. Go to:, click on Academic Policies, then Grading

What is the default grade? How does it factor into the student’s academic standing for this semester? This is the grade the student would earn if s/he did not complete the agreed-upon work. The Academic Standing Committees will use the default grade to assist in its deliberations if it would be a deciding factor in a decision.  When you enter an incomplete grade in PRESTO, you will be required to supply a default grade. If you do not submit a final grade when we send the yellow incomplete grade sheet to you, the grade of incomplete will be changed to the default grade you submitted in PRESTO.