Graduation Information

Students who expect to graduate must apply through the Office of the Registrar.  Applications are available in Carnegie 124.  Until the application is completed, parents and families of gradutes will not receive information about Commencement.

There are a few easy steps to making sure you are on track to graduate:

1. Apply. We don't assume you are planning to graduate, you need to tell us. You need to come to Carnegie 124 and complete an application to graduate. We will give you a pamphlet with information you need to prepare for commencement.

2. Check Degree Works. It is your guide to what requirements are met and which need to be completed. Remember that courses in progress are counted in your total; an easy way to see where you are without courses in progress is to uncheck the two boxes at the top (Include In-Progress Courses and Include Pre-registered Courses) and then Process New.

3. Meet with your advisor to make sure you understand exactly what you need to complete.

4. e will be reviewing your record; you will receive an email from one of our Degree Auditors with any questions they encounter. It is crucial that you read their email and respond with answers. Your ability to march at commencement is resting on this.

5. Declare all majors/minors/concentrations before the end of add/drop in your last semester. 

6. Do you have transfer of credit that will count toward your degree? Turn in your transcript(s) immediately. We cannot accurately review your record if we don't know about all credits.

Families of Graduating Seniors

Helpful Information about your graduating senior:

1. Your student must apply to graduate. Applications are available in the Registrar's Office, Carnegie 124.

2. A mailing will go out to families in late February/early March regarding Commencement Weekend with instructions about how to reserve tickets for events. If your student has not applied to graduate, you will not be included in this mailing.

3. Your student must apply to graduate. Did we already say this? Yes! but we know students get busy and forget to take the few minutes needed to apply. If the student doesn't apply, you will not be included in any information sent out about commencement. 

4. The Academic Advisor and the Registrar's Office will be reviewing every student's record; if the Registrar's Office finds that a requirement is not fulfilled, we will write to your student. Your student needs to be checking Degree Works (in PRESTO) to make sure all requirements are either met or in-progress. We can help if there are questions. 

5. Thanksgiving might be a good time to check in. Did your student apply to graduate? Did your student register for everything needed to complete requirements in the spring semester?

6. If your student is graduating in December, there is a reception for graduates. You are welcome to attend but your student needs to submit your name.