New Student Resources

In advance of your arrival, here are helpful resources that will aid in planning course selection:


1. A list of courses open and appropriate for new students will be available as of May 19, 2017 in the Oberlin Course Catalog. 

2. The catalog ( has a search feature (upper left hand corner) which can help you locate courses in which you are interested. Enter any key word and then select where you want to find that word—most likely you will want to search courses.

For example, if you are searching for courses in macroeconomics: click on the link "Clink Here to Search" then at the next page, type in the word macroconomics and uncheck "Programs, Schools/Colleges & Departments, and Policies..." so that you are just searching in courses. Click "Search" and you should see results matching the word or phrase you typed. There is an option to search on the "whole word" or phrase.

In the catalog, the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree are listed in the section titled “College of Arts and Sciences” and under the link “Go to Information about this School/College.” The requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree are listed in the section titled “Conservatory of Music and under the link “Go to Information about this School/College.” Requirements for each major and minor are listed under the department (in the College of Arts and Sciences); click on the department name under “Program Information”. 

3 The Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes is available at Unlike the online course catalog, the Schedule of Classes is an abbreviated listing of courses offered for the fall semester with class meeting times and days. (There is a link from the catalog to the schedule for your convenience.)

4. PRESTO: You will use PRESTO each semester to search and register for courses. After logging in (using your T# and PRESTO PIN), click on the link titled Student and Financial Aid, then Registration, select the term of Fall 2017, and you will be able to search for courses by department and/or course number. Once you see a course displayed, you can also see catalog information and seat availability.  PRESTO will also tell you which courses carry “consent” which means you need the instructor’s permission to register for the course. 

5. A course planning worksheet found here. This worksheet will help you map out some alternate schedules in preparation for registration on campus in late August. 

6. The Department of Physics has drafted some specific recommendations for students who are considering a major in Physics. Please see this document and a recommended sequence of courses

7. The Department of Biology has specific recommendations for a sequence of courses for students who are considering a major in Biology. Please see this document.

8.  More information about the StudiOC opportunities is available here.