Application Process

Checklist for Oberlin Study Away Applications:

  • Declare major
  • Discuss study away plans with major advisor
  • Research study away programs at
  • Attend study away application information session
  • Schedule an appointment with study away advisor as necessary
  • Begin the online application
Applying to study away is a two-step process that involves applying to Oberlin for approval and applying directly to study away programs.

I.  By March 15, 2017, you must complete Oberlin's online Study Away application in order to obtain institutional approval for an academic leave of absence to study away.

  •  The institutional application must be submitted by March 15 for students who wish to be on leave the following fall, spring or academic year.
    •  Oberlin's Study Away application requires initial selection of one or two specific programs of interest per term (semester). Certain study away programs have application deadlines that are earlier than Oberlin's March 15 approval deadline. In this event, the Study Away Office will inform the specific program that your academic leave approval is "contingent upon review by a faculty committee at a later date."

    • We encourage all students to apply to their specific program(s) by March 1 for the subsequent fall semester or full academic year and by October 1 for the subsequent spring study away semester.

    • For spring semester applicants only:  If you have not decided on a specific program choice by the March 15 deadline, you may select the Spring To Be Determined program.

Application Instructions for Study Away Approval from Oberlin College:

1)  Go to the application at Click “login” in the top right corner.

2) Log in with your ObieID (username) and password. Click "First Time User Applicant." You will log in with your ObieID and password each time you return to

3) Edit your profile (optional).

4)  Search for programs. Click the “Search Programs” button at the top of your page. You may search by academic subject area, location, name, or language of instruction.

5)  Save programs of interest by clicking the disk icon on the right side of the page. Before you save a search, you'll be asked to create a profile using your ObieID and Password. Click on the home icon in the top left corner to view your saved programs. 

6)  Once you have decided on the program or programs for which you will apply, locate that program either in your profile or by using “Search Programs.” Open the program brochure and click “Apply Now” to start your application. Note: You may apply to up to two programs for each semester of leave.

7)  For non-affiliated programs, please choose the program called "Non-Affiliated Program" and complete all sections as instructed.

8)  Complete the Application Questionnaires section. Be sure to save your work frequently. You may also create and work on portions of your application in Word format and paste it into the on-line application.

a. Click on and complete Application: Part 1 and Application: Part 2.

b. Click on the Application Approval Form. Then click on the link for your degree program (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, or Double Degree) and download the form to your desktop.

c. Complete the Application Approval Form. Once complete, print a copy to take to your advisor for discussion and approval signature.

d. Upload the completed Application Approval Form by opening the Application Approval Form Questionnaire and clicking on the yellow folder icon.

e. Note for students who are applying to two programs: You should upload the same signed and completed Application Approval Form for each application you submit.

9) Click the document(s) under Learning Content to view and read, then check the "Received" box to confirm that you have read and understood the information.

10) Read and confirm the information in the Signature Document Section of the online application.

11) Be sure to click "submit" once your application is complete.

II.  Apply to specific study away programs.

  • Depending on the application date for the specific program(s) you have chosen, and the semester in which you are hoping to study away, you may apply to the program before, at the same time as, or after applying for permission from Oberlin to be away.

  • We strongly encourage you to apply no later than March 1 for fall or academic year programs and by October 1 for spring programs. Note:  Some programs may have earlier deadlines, while others may fill up prior to their stated deadlines. Early applications are advised.

  • Determine the application process and deadline for the program(s) you hope to attend.

  • Even if you have not yet received approval from Oberlin, you may wish to begin the program application(s).

  • Request any required transcripts, recommendations, or approvals from the appropriate offices.