Application Process

The study away application process involves two steps: the Oberlin Academic Leave of Absence (ALOA) application and application to the program(s). The Oberlin ALOA application must be submitted by March 15 for any student wishing to be on leave the following fall, spring or academic year.

You may apply to more than one program and then decide later which one you will actually attend. Each program you apply to requires an application and enforces a deadline. Some programs limit enrollment, so it is important to apply early to your program choices (even a full semester ahead). When a program deadline is earlier than the Oberlin deadline, we will inform the program that your Oberlin leave approval is “contingent upon a review by a faculty committee at a later date."  We encourage all students to apply to a program(s) by March 1st for fall or full-year study away and by October 1st for spring study away.

If approved by Oberlin for your ALOA status, you will have a few weeks to make your decision and finalize your plans.

The ALOA Application is available to complete and submit online. Students will need a password from the Office of Study Away to access the application. In order to request an application account, students must come to a short general information session and complete an information form.  Details about the information sessions can be found on the Study Away Home page or in the Study Away Library.

Oberlin Academic Leave of Absence Checklist

  1. Completed online ALOA Application
  2. Completed Academic Leave Approval Form
  3. Preliminary Transfer of Credit Form
    • Completed International Health Insurance Agreement Form
    • Travel Abroad Waiver

    Detailed instructions and forms are available on the Academic Leave Application and in the Study Away Library.


    The Oberlin Academic Leave of Absence application must be submitted by March 15, 2017, for students who wish to be on leave during Fall 2017, Spring 2018 or the academic year 2017-18.