Milton J. Hinton Institute for Studio Bass


Bass students, ages 13 - 21, of all genres – classical, early music, jazz, slap, latin, and electric – are invited to attend this week of masterclasses, performances, studio sessions, and more.

Two programs available in 2014:

  • Resident, weeklong institute

  • Afterschool program, offered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4-8pm, and Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Lunch and dinner at the dining hall included for Saturday.

Double basses available for rent and storage for instruments. Scholarships available for junior high and high school students. 

This dynamic, multiple emphasis program for classical, jazz, and electric bass will be led by some of the nation’s finest teachers and performers. Clinicians include Philip Alejo, John Clayton, Richard Davis, Scott Dixon, Peter Dominguez, Diana Gannett, Audrey Melzer, Rufus Reid, Tracy Rowell, and Sue Yelanjian.

Following the philosophy of Milt Hinton –

I was pretty young when I realized that music involves more than just playing an instrument. It’s really about cohesiveness and sharing. All my life, I’ve felt obligated to try and teach anyone who would listen. I’ve always believed you don’t truly know something yourself until you can take it from your mind and put it into someone else’s. I also know that the only way we continue to live on this earth is by giving our talents to future generations.”

We are excited to continue his legacy with you. Read more about Milton J.Hinton.

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