Applying for a Project Grant

Expenses incurred while completing a winter term project normally are the responsibility of the student or students working on that project. However, the Winter Term Committee awards a limited number of grants each year in support of both individual and group projects (see Winter Term Calendar for deadlines). The Winter Term Committee evaluates applications and awards grants on the basis of the educational value of the proposed projects.

Individual Project Grants for Students.

The Winter Term Committee annually awards a limited number of grants for individual student projects. The range for each grant will be $200-$400. Awards are highly competitive and are based on the quality of the student's proposal.  The forms to apply for an individual project grant are below.

Individual Grant Application

Winter Term Individual Project Proposal

Individual Grant Proposal Guidelines for Students

  1. Grant proposals must include a copy of a student’s Individual Project Proposal, signed by the project sponsor. The project must be truly individual — that is, not part of a group project.
  2. Itemize the budget for the project. Include all anticipated expenses, not only items for which support is requested.
  3. Priority will be given to individual grant proposals that request funds to defray such unusual expenses as fees for renting equipment or costs of special materials to complete the project. Requests for support of travel costs will also be considered.
  4. An individual grant may not be applied to customary tuition costs, such as for student-taught secondary applied music lessons.
  5. Criteria for evaluating grant proposals include:
    • the educational goals of the project
    • what the project entails
    • who will be working on it in addition to the proposer (if applicable)
    • the time commitment expected
    • what the end product will be.
  6. Individual grants are not disbursed in advance. Project expenses (up to the amount of the grant) are reimbursed only after the project has been completed and the required Winter Term Grant Report with original, itemized receipts has been turned in to the Winter Term Office. Please do not submit receipts to the Controller’s Office.
  7. All materials submitted as part of a Winter Term Grant proposal must be typed. Please email your grant application to or submit one hard copy original to the Winter Term Office in Peters 205.