Advising and Support

Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services

Oberlin College has an academic community that is culturally and economically diverse. Student Academic Services (SAS) supports the institution in its continued commitment to providing equal opportunity for all students. Our services are available to all students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the Conservatory of Music. In addition, we offer focused programming for low-income students, first-generation students, students with disabilities, and other students typically underrepresented in higher education.

SAS offers assistance to this diverse population through:

  • Comprehensive advising
  • Peer mentorship
  • Individual tutoring
  • Academic workshops, and
  • Credit-bearing courses in study strategies, reading strategies, mathematics, and communication skills

We want to maximize the academic success and persistence to graduation of all students. We do this by helping students make full use of learning opportunities and by assisting them in their individual growth and development as they pursue an Oberlin College education. In order to achieve these goals, Student Academic Services seeks to:

  • Provide an atmosphere that is approachable, respectful, and supportive
  • Foster self-respect, self-advocacy and independence
  • Encourage all students to reach their full potential
  • Provide an environment where students feel safe

Additionally, Student Academic Services implements an inclusive and comprehensive approach for reaching out to students by:

  • Being individualized, recognizing that one size does not fit all
  • Considering all aspects of a student’s life that might impact academics
  • Making referrals when appropriate
  • Working collaboratively with students, parents, faculty and staff
  • Emphasizing a strategic and self-managed learning model

Student Academic Services addresses any issue that affects a student’s academic life. Stop by our office in Peters Hall, Room 118.