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Multicultural Resource Center

Multicultural Resource Center


The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) is the central place for collaborative work around supporting historically underrepresented communities specifically and diversity and inclusion within a social justice context generally at Oberlin College. Working together with a wide range of faculty, students, alumni, staff, and members of the local community, the MRC is able to create a vision of diversity and multiculturalism that supports educational excellence.

The MRC focuses on the academic and personal needs of historically underrepresented students, which may include students of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) communities, low-income, undocumented, international, differently abled, and first-generation college students. The center also provides resources, education, and workshops for those generally interested in issues of diversity, inclusivity, and social justice.

The MRC also creates opportunities for the entire campus community to engage with intellectual discourses on diversity and inclusion and to develop the multicultural and social justice literacy skills that are crucial for the educational experience of all students.

The MRC collaborates with faculty from various academic departments and programs in order to build intellectual and personal community for faculty, and initiate connections and teamwork between faculty and students.

Each academic year, the MRC sponsors or cosponsors upwards of 300 academic, educational, activist, and community-building events and programs. Examples include the Black History Celebration and the Indigenous Women’s Series; such special conferences and symposia as the Race and Resistance Symposium and the Biennial Midwest Asian American Student Conference; the Oberlin Korean Students Association Conference; and such community interaction initiatives as the Host Family Program.

We welcome campus members who are committed to building a more socially just campus community. Whether you are looking for information, resources, support, or just a great place to hang out and meet others, consider making the MRC your first stop.

Find our offices in the Student Union, Wilder Hall, rooms 105 and 208.

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Standing Committee on Equity and Diversity

The Standing Faculty Committee on Equity and Diversity provides institution-wide oversight in the form of advocacy and guidance. The committee strives to strengthen and improve Oberlin's legislated commitment to promoting equity and diversity and foster more meaningful patterns of cooperation and understanding among members of visors committees within and outside Oberlin. 

Contact Rebecca Mosely for more information.