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Theater and Dance

Theater and Dance

The Oberlin Dance Company performing
Photo credit John Seyfried

If you enjoy being a part of a live production as much if not more than attending one, be sure to get involved in the college’s Theater and Dance programs. These programs take the lead on all things related to the theatrical stage, whether that stage is a small, round platform in front of Warner Center, or the main stage inside Hall Auditorium. Each year the college and conservatory sponsor more than 500 concerts and recitals, about 40 theater and dance productions, two Opera Theater shows, and a winter-term opera.

Faculty-directed and student-run theater and dance productions occur every semester. While these performances are geared for students who major in theater and or dance, non-majors also have a role. You may audition for plays and dance programs as well as take introductory-level courses. You may work closely with artists in residence, choreographers, guest directors, and specialists who offer workshops and classes lasting from a few days to a month.

When it's show time, the Theater and Dance programs typically showcase their productions in Hall Auditorium, the Little Theater, or Warner Center. On occasion, performances may take place in Finney Chapel.