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Club Sports

Club Sports

Interested in an activity that isn’t one of the 21 varsity sports? Oberlin currently has 21 student-run clubs that are open to both newcomers and seasoned competitors. Some clubs are more instructional while others are quite competitive. Participants may learn as well as teach the sport or activity to others. Fun is generally part of the game, but not at the expense of good competition. Many clubs have outside coaches or instructors who assist with training, instruction, and scheduling seminars, competitions, or other events.

The Club Sports Council is a group dedicated to improving club sports at Oberlin and ensuring that participants are aware of their rights and responsibilities as Oberlin College Club Sports student-athletes. The council consists of representatives from each club sport, the director of recreation and club sports, and interested advisors. Learn more about Club Sports so you can keep that competitive spirit alive.

Aikido Club

One of the most beautiful forms of budo is aikido, a Japanese martial arts form based on a philosophy of nonresistance and harmony. Oberlin's Aikikai Club follows a nonviolent style of training that focuses on suppleness, dynamics, flexibility, and inner strength. The club sponsors an Experimental College class and three seminars each year to enable newcomers and members to train and improve their skills.

Badminton Club

Badminton is considered the fastest racquet sport in the world. It is a game that requires agility, stamina, and strength. Because it is easy to learn but difficult to master, Oberlin’s Badminton Club welcomes both newcomers and experienced players alike to meet weekly for both singles and doubles play. Come to practice, perform drills, or just have an incredibly fun time playing this burgeoning Olympic sport.

Bowling Team

The Oberlin College Intercollegiate Bowling team is a great way for interested students to bowl in a competitive setting. The team meets once a week for practice, skill development drills, and team strategies. Bowlers travel to three or four tournaments every semester as part of the American Heartland Intercollegiate Bowling Conference.

Brazilian Jiujitsu and Grappling Club

Brazilian jiujitsu is a martial art and combat sport that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. It promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker person may successfully handle a stronger opponent using leverage, body strength, and proper technique. Sparring and live drilling play a large role in the training. Take an Experimental College class to learn more.

Coed Soccer: The Albino Squirrels

The Oberlin College Albino Squirrels is in its first full year of official club sports existence and loving every minute of it. Four days a week on North Fields, weather permitting, we hone our fútbol skills together. On the weekends, we compete against other college club teams and local community teams. OCASFC is for any current student: We only ask that you commit to making yourself a better soccer player.

Cycling Club

The Oberlin College Cycling Club provides the opportunity for cyclists of all levels to meet their personal cycling goals. Some may become involved just to ride more often and stay in shape, while others may want to push themselves with a structured training plan to seriously compete in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference, where the club regularly attends races in the spring. Rides occur daily on various routes around the Oberlin area.

Dressage Team

The Oberlin College Dressage Team focuses on developing a horse's balance, flexibility, and strength. The club provides lessons and team-building activities in dressage and competes in the Intercollegiate Dressage Association. The club trains and works closely with the Oberlin College Equestrian Team.

Equestrian Team

The Oberlin College Equestrian Team welcomes riders of all abilities. The club offers weekly lessons and prepares members to ride and compete in both Hunt Seat and Western disciplines. Members also work closely with the Oberlin Dressage Team and have the option of participating in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

Fencing Club: The Flaming Blades

The Oberlin College Fencing Club is Oberlin's oldest chartered club sport. Members practice weekly to hone skills in sabre, foil, and épée. Fencers may compete in NCAA and United States Fencing Association tournaments, in addition to Oberlin meets. The club has an armory, and will provide outfits and equipment as needed. Interested? Take the Experimental College fencing class to learn more.

Ice Hockey: The Plague

Oberlin's coed ice hockey program invites hockey players of all skill levels and experience to play in both relaxed and competitive situations. The OC Plague provides ice time, equipment, and instruction. The club competes against teams throughout Ohio and local men's leagues. Practices and open hockey are available about two times a week. The Plague offers an Experimental College class for beginners who want to learn the basics of ice-skating and hockey.

Men's Rugby: The Gruff

The Oberlin College Men's Rugby team has established a friendly and open atmosphere. Players of all levels of experience and athletic ability are welcome to join. The club practices with an emphasis on a complete understanding of the game, safety in all drills and matches, and camaraderie with each other and with members of other clubs. The team competes in the Ohio Rugby Union.

Women's and Trans Rugby Club: The Rhinos

Rugby is a fast-paced, full contact sport. Weekly training helps members develop skills, camaraderie, love, power, strength, and determination. The club competes as part of the Ohio Rugby Union and often offers an Experimental College class to introduce interested athletes to the sport.


Oberlin's SCUBA Club sponsors a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) open water certification course each semester for students at a greatly reduced price. The PADI course takes place on Saturday and Sunday over four weekends. As the club grows, spring and fall break dive trips will become possible.

Table Tennis

In the Oberlin College Table Tennis Club, we work on learning basic techniques and proper form to excel in the game of table tennis. We compete in both National Collegiate Tennis Tournament Association intercollegiate tournaments as well as USA Table Tennis tournaments, including ones hosted by Oberlin College. The club welcomes all levels of play from beginners to experienced players. We meet twice a week, practicing regularly with our advisor, Pipo Nguyen, associate professor of studio art. Come check us out by the first squash court in Philips Physical Education Center.

Tumbling Club

The Tumbling Club, founded in fall 2005, includes members of varied backgrounds in tumbling and circus performance. The club participates in OCircus, an official college event. Members offer a tumbling program during Experimental College for newcomers. The class includes strength and flexibility training, as well as partner balance tricks. The club gives a small performance at the end of the semester to showcase members' skills.

Men's Ultimate Frisbee: The Flying Horsecows

The Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team is a highly competitive collection of veterans and novices. Newcomers are welcome and students may learn more during Orientation. Practice is four times a week with contests on the weekends. The Horsecows attend tournaments and compete in the Ohio Conference within the Ohio Valley Region of the USA Ultimate College Division. The Force Freedom Tournament is a biannual home event that takes place fall semester.

Women's Ultimate Frisbee: The Preying Manti

The Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, the Preying Manti, became a chartered student organization in 1996. The team attends several tournaments and participates in the USA Ultimate College Division Championship series. The club also annually hosts its Force Freedom Tournament.