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Student Clubs and Groups
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If you were the high school student who organized clothing drives, held an elected office in student government, volunteered at hospitals and food banks, wrote letters to the editor, auditioned for every student drama production or musical, organized a poetry slam or youth voter registration drive… there is no need for you to curb your penchant for involvement and volunteerism once you hit campus.

With nearly 200 student groups and clubs from which to choose, you’d be hard pressed not to get involved. From politics to faith and identity, and from counseling to sports, Oberlin has an array of clubs eager for new members and new leadership.

And should your specific interests not be represented, take the initiative: Start your own club. Any student is free to organize for any purpose in accordance with the regulations of the college. Choose an advisor and get busy. It’s the Oberlin way. Refer to the Student Union website for details about current student groups and clubs and how to organize a new one.


Abusua Labor Action Coalition, Oberlin Student (SLAC) Earth First!, Oberlin (OEF!) Animal Rights, Oberlin (OAR) Asian American Alliance (AAA) Oberlin Peace Activists League (OPAL) Peace and Conflict Studies Development Group (PACS) College Against Cancer - OC Chapter (CACOCC) Students United for Reproductive Freedom (SURF) Republicans, Oberlin College (OCR) Democrats, College (OC Dems) Prison Justice Project (PJP) Environmental Sustainability, Students for (SES) Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) GlobeMed at Oberlin College (GMAO) Senegal Microfinance Project at Oberlin Shining Hope for Communities – Oberlin (SHOFCO) Harry Potter Alliance, Oberlin Students for a Free Palestine Ishmael Beah Foundation, Oberlin Student Senate Rhythms of Resistance, Oberlin (OROR) JStreetU Oberlin Murray Ridge - Oberlin College Alliance (MROCA) Welcome Retirement Home Friends World Food Program at Oberlin College Chapter (WFP-OCC) Latin American Activists, Oberlin (OLAA) HIV Educators (OBC)





Sexual Information Center (SIC) Class Council First Year Class Council Sophomore Class Council Junior Conservatory Council of Students (CCS) Student Athletic Advising Committee (SAAC) Exploring Mixed Ethnicities (Exploring ME)


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