Technology at Oberlin

Computers on Campus

Computers on Campus


Want to bring your XBox, Wii, or PlayStation to campus and connect it to our network? No problem! Safe‚ÄĘConnect, Oberlin College's network authentication system, automatically allows the use of most gaming systems on campus. CIT will work with students having difficulty with connectivity provided they send an e-mail message including system details and its MAC address to

Computer Labs

Oberlin College maintains many computer labs and facilities on campus for student use—both Macintosh and Windows—with many of them having special software for academic and foreign language programs and all of them with at least one laser printer. Some of the labs are used for academic classes and some are open facilities available during open building hours. One facility on the north end of campus and one on the south end are located in residence halls and are available for use 24/7.  Learn more about Oberlin's computer labs and facilities.

Personal Computers and Devices

Technology is a critical part of your life at Oberlin. The college doesn't require that you bring a computer to campus, although more than 90 percent of students do bring their own laptop. However, Oberlin has many resources available, both on campus and off, should you opt not buy or bring a computer to campus.

For students: Having a computer that connects easily to the campus network can make your academic and personal life easier, more fun, and more productive. The Center for Information Technology (CIT) supports both Macintosh and Windows platforms, as well as a variety of handheld devices including the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Most academic departments have no real preference regarding platform type, though some, such as the Conservatory of Music, and art, cinema studies, chemistry, and theater and dance primarily use Macintosh machines. Other departments such as biology, psychology, economics, and sociology primarily use Windows.

No matter which platform you choose, you'll want a computer that is no more than two to three years old so that it can run the latest software and serve you well for four years.

Departmental Computers

Faculty and staff will receive an office computer for use while at Oberlin College. It may be a desktop or laptop system, with every effort made to provide the type of computer you desire. CIT will conduct regular upgrades to ensure you always have as current a system as possible. It is important to ensure your department head or dean contacts CIT as soon as possible in order to start the planning process for your desired office computer system. Note that CIT only supports faculty and staff personal computers, under warranty, for which CIT is an authorized reseller (currently Apple and Hewlett Packard).


You may elect not to bring a personal printer to campus because all of the computer labs throughout campus are equipped with the ability to print. Some labs can print documents in color, do large-scale printing, or use special paper such as transparency film. Each lab is equipped with a Print Release Station, a computer with a card swipe. Once a user swipes her/his Oberlin College ID card, the print jobs are shown and can then be released.

Each student is credited with 300 free print pages per semester, after which the printing office uses established ObieDollars. Faculty and staff computers are set up to print to departmental printers or departmental printer/copiers.