Technology at Oberlin

Educational Technology

Educational Technology

The Oberlin Center for Technologically Enhanced Teaching (OCTET) is part of the central CIT organization. OCTET staff facilitate the use of technology by faculty and students in the academic environment. Learn more about OCTET and what it offers the campus community.

Portal Management

OCTET manages the Blackboard OnCampus online environment. It is a password- protected area of the Oberlin College web environment that provides resources, campus information, access to e-mail, courses, documents, information about new training and technology tools, among other features.

Technology Support for Academics

OCTET staff helps faculty use technology, create content, and explore new pedagogical uses of different technologies. They provide direct assistance with a wide variety of hardware and software in the classroom including creating pdf files and digital videos, creating and burning DVDs, scanning slides and creating posters for classroom use, and using new technology, such as iClicker.