Technology at Oberlin

Network and Connectivity

Network and Connectivity

General Network Topology

Oberlin College has an extensive fiber optic network connecting 76 buildings on campus. Each building has one or more wiring closets where standard Ethernet cables are run to faceplates in every room for client connectivity. The college owns some houses that serve as residence halls. In this instance, the local cable company provides the connectivity. The core of the campus network is gigabit (1 gigabit/second) and other parts of the network are either gigabit or 100Mbs. Wireless is available throughout much of campus, including the Oberlin Inn.


Access to Oberlin's network is protected to ensure the best possible network quality for all students, faculty, and staff. The network is protected by a perimeter firewall, several internal firewalls, and host-based firewalls. Additionally, as part of the authentication process, CIT requires, prior to connecting to our network, that all computers be checked to ensure they are updated and have functioning antivirus software to prevent harmful activity on our network. CIT encourages the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to make wireless connections secure.