Technology at Oberlin

Oberlin Technology Store

Oberlin Technology Store

Students planning to purchase a new computer are strongly encouraged to purchase from the Oberlin Technology Store (OTS), part of the College's Center for Information Technology (CIT). The store is an authorized sales and service provider for Apple and Hewlett Packard (HP) Pro Line computers, and also sells a variety of other technology products. Purchasing through the Technology Store gives Oberlin personnel a number of advantages.

If something goes wrong, inform store employees who will go above and beyond to make it right! The store offers professional model laptops that should last a student for four years. Since technology frequently changes, students should purchase computers as close to the start of the semester as possible. The Technology Store holds its Back-to-School (BTS) Sale each July through September. Since the store orders in bulk for this sale, big discounts on the latest technology are available to pass the savings on to students. Vendors often offer special promotions at this time.

The Technology Store also provides extensive pre-purchase consulting and advice, and has a laptop-lemon policy wherein the store will repair or replace a laptop that has been consistently problematic, while also providing a loaner during the repair or replacement process.

See what Oberlin Technology Store has to offer and check out the current pricing.