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Bicycle Policy

Bicycle Policy


a. Students owning a bicycle (whether new or second hand) must register it in their own name with the Oberlin Police Department (85 South Main Street) before using it on campus or in town. A registration permit will be attached to each bicycle so registered. [The Office of Safety and Security provides this service for no fee.]

b. Students who ride their bicycles in the evening (within one half-hour after sunset) are required to use a white front light and red rear light (on their bicycle or person) as well as a red rear reflector on their bicycle. Side reflectors are recommended for wheels.

c. City ordinances require that bicycles be equipped with a bell or horn by which the rider may warn pedestrians of their approach.

d. Bicycles must normally be ridden on the right side of roads and sidewalks at a reasonable and safe speed (for the sake of pedestrians and drivers as well as that of the rider). Pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks, pathways, and crosswalks.

e. Bicyclists must use appropriate hand signals to indicate turns when riding.

f. Cyclists must comply with the Oberlin City ordinances that directly affect the operation of bicycles in the city. (It is a violation to ride a bicycle on the sidewalks in the downtown area.)

g. Both on campus and in the city, bicycles may ONLY be parked in properly constructed racks. Recommendations on locking bicycles can be obtained from the Office of Safety and Security.      

h. Bicycles not in use but not removed from campus or, improperly registered and stored with residential education invite theft and vandalism. Bicycles not removed or properly stored by the day after final exams (unless in active use by students on campus for summer employment) will be considered abandoned property. (Bicycles not in working condition for a period of more than two weeks are considered abandoned even during the semester.) If removed and stored by Campus Safety and Security, a fee of $50 will be charged for not properly storing the bicycle. Any bicycles not claimed after September 15 of the following year will be disposed of by Oberlin College.