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Housing and Dining Conduct Policies

Housing and Dining Conduct Policies

The community standards for residential living and dining detailed below are established to promote personal responsibility and to support cooperative community living. Residential Education staff members are trained to respond to violations of community standards in order to foster a sense of community in the residential halls and facilities of Oberlin College and to model and encourage respect for self and others.

Professional residential education staff members are authorized to respond administratively to violations of many housing and dining conduct policies.

Administrative responses to initial violations of first time possession of illegal drugs, controlled substances and related paraphernalia are spelled out within the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.

A residential education staff person may respond administratively to a violation discovered during a life safety or end of semester inspection once in any academic year. A second such violation may be handled this way if it occurs during a different academic year; all prior fines and interventions are satisfied; and if the residents do not have an existing judicial record related to the use, possession or distribution of illegal substances or related paraphernalia. Administrative responses may include a fine, an educational intervention where one is appropriate, and an administrative notation in a student’s record that a life safety violation has taken place. The fines that may be imposed are published online at, and are subject to change each academic year. Individuals who disagree with an administrative response to a documented violation may schedule to meet with a hearing officer to resolve the matter by participating in a judicial administrative hearing.