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Housing and Dining Principles

Housing and Dining Principles

Tuition charges provide for the college’s academic program; room and board fees provide a residential setting for that program. Tuition fees pay the salaries and benefits of faculty and staff, and provide for a wide range of facilities and programs—libraries, laboratories, an art museum, a music conservatory, athletic facilities and a student union—all of which create the context for a liberal arts education. As a result, tuition and fees do not vary by student although individual students may use particular programs or facilities differently.

Room and board fees pay for the staff, programs, and facilities that sustain a comprehensive living environment for a residential college with a geographically diverse student population as well as college overhead costs. Because a college of Oberlin’s size and scope could not exist without a complete housing and dining structure, residential fees are comprehensive for all students regardless of how individual services may or may not be used. Therefore, subject to the exemptions noted below, all students enrolled in Oberlin College are required to pay the room and board fees and to live and take meals in college housing and dining halls.

The principle of the Housing and Dining Agreement is that the products of both tuition and room and board fees are essential elements for the establishment of an undergraduate, residential, liberal arts college. Therefore, those fees are comprehensive in scope and required equally of all students. Unless a student has an exemption or receives off-campus status these charges may only be reduced through a financial aid grant administered by the Office of Financial Aid.

The following terms and conditions summarize the agreement between Oberlin College and an enrolled student for housing and dining. In addition, all enrolled students must abide by all policies and procedures as established by the appropriate Oberlin College committees and offices.