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Mailroom Regulations

Mailroom Regulations

A mailbox is assigned to each student at the beginning of the academic year by the Office of the Registrar. Boxes are located in the basement of Wilder Hall. All boxes are for registered students only and cannot be used for other purposes including, but not limited to, operating a business.

College Mail Service’s student mailboxes are to be used only for campus and U.S. mail (personal mail). Notifications regarding packages received will be sent to students email address. To permit matching mail with a mailbox, all mail delivered to OCMR boxes must display the student’s first and last name as registered in the Office of the Registrar (no nicknames or business names) and the proper OCMR box number. All items must be placed inside student mailboxes. Mail should be picked up daily.

Messages should NOT be attached to the outside of student mailboxes in the lobby of the Student Mailroom. Doing so violates fire regulations and creates a fire hazard in the Student Union building. The college reserves the right to correct fire regulation violations or other violations of its agreement with insurers.

There is a charge for 10 or more pieces of personal mail between students per day.

Students should receive mail at the college ONLY during the academic semesters or year of attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to notify each correspondent of the complete change of address at the end of the academic semester or year of attendance, or if leaving during the year or semester, i.e. withdrawn, enrolled off-campus, leave of absence.