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Penalties and Fees

Penalties and Fees

Housing and Dining Violations



Improper check-in/

Failure to complete an RCR/failure to provide off-campus contact information

$50 fine

Boxing and shipping of belongings

$25 per box, plus labor costs at $35 per hour

Failure to register for winter term and or winter shutdown housing

$50 fine

Disposal (removal of belongings from room)

$25 per item, plus labor cost at $35 per hour.

Additional charges for disposal requiring special procedures

Failure to vacate residence hall room and return keys by stated date and time/failure to checkout at announced hall closing time

Charged $50 per hour. (limited to $400 per day)

Improper checkout/failure to checkout following outlined policies and procedures

$50 fine

Lock change and or failure to return key

$60 per lock change

Lockout charge

Students will not be charged for lockouts during the first two weeks of fall & spring semesters

After the first two weeks of residence students will be charged $10 per lockout

ID card replacement

$10 if lost. Free if stolen (with S&S or police report) or damaged through normal use



ID card reactivation

$5 to reactivate an old id card

Pet rule violation

$100 per resident of the college housing unit and possible referral to college judicial system (plus repair or replacement and additional cleaning cost assessed at the time of checkout)

Unauthorized party/ violation of party policy

Up to a $100 per resident assigned to the housing unit plus the cost of damages discovered following the unauthorized party

Unauthorized room change/room change not complete by deadline

$100, plus possible relocation

Student Motor Vehicle and Bicycle Fines

Vehicles found in violation of a third offense of the parking regulations will be towed immediately.

Towing and applicable storage costs are the owner’s expense. Three violations will require removal of car from campus. Additional parking restrictions and fee listings are available from the Office of Safety and Security or at



Failure to register by the first friday of the fall semester.

$250 total

Unregistered cars found on campus

$450 total includes the cost of registration

Altered or counterfeit permit

$250, plus revocation of parking privileges

Violations of parking regulations (not including handicapped or fire-lane violations)

$20 for first ticket; $40 for second ticket;

$60 for third violation, plus tow/storage at owner expense

Immobilization fee (see parking regulations for applicable)

$100, plus unpaid violation



Violation of fire-lane restriction


Unauthorized parking in a reserved, handicapped, or otherwise designated space


Late fee (if violation not paid within 3 days, weekends included)


Improper bicycle storage


Library Violations



Failure to respond to recall notices

$10 per day overdue fine, referral to honor committee or judicial system

Reserve room penalties

$2 per hour overdue fine

Violation of established library building rules

Referral to college judicial system or local law enforcement authorities

Unauthorized entry in the library roof areas or unauthorized presence in the library or computing center after regular hours

Referral to college judicial system or other appropriate authority

Improper removal, retention, concealment or damage of library, computing center, or av materials and equipment

Referral to honor committee and/or college judicial system plus appropriate fees and fines as listed in lending regulations

Other Violations

If any of these violations occur, a member of the Office of Residential Education and Dining Services or the Judicial Coordinator will speak to the student to hear his/her side and, if convinced the violation occurred, will impose the scheduled fine and penalty using his/her discretion. A judicial hearing is not required. However, the student may appeal to the Judicial Board if he/she thinks there are mitigating circumstances.



Damage to college property

Up to $50 fine and disciplinary action plus repair or replacement costs

Failure to show ID

$25 and disciplinary action

Misuse of ID

$15 and disciplinary action

Misuse of college telephone (e.g., acceptance of collect calls, third number billings)

$5 administrative charge per call + accrued charges

Tampering with life-safety equipment, e.g., fire extinguishers, smoke detectors

$300 and probation, plus repair or replacement costs

False or negligent fire/life safety alarm activation

Up to $300 fine and disciplinary action plus repair or replacement costs

Theft or misappropriation of college property

$50 and probation, plus repair or replacement costs

Failure to comply with a college official

$50 fine and disciplinary action