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Social Conduct Regulations

Social Conduct Regulations

The preceding social conduct policies pertain most specifically to the student members of the campus community. The following policies while they concern the rights and responsibilities of students, also have implications for the conduct and safety of all members of our community and our guests.

Statement of Social Responsibility

The following statement remains in effect as adopted by the Student Senate on October 2, 1966.

We, the students of Oberlin College, recognize that social responsibility inheres with membership in the college community. Because we have the right to establish our own rules, each student will create and adhere to a set of individual values consistent with the rights of other members of the community. Collectively, we will establish a framework of rules that leaves a wide area of free choice, while building a tradition of respect for responsible behavior. Individually, we commit ourselves to govern our actions within this framework, not only by our own personal needs and desires, but also by a concern for the welfare of others. A social system that encourages individual choice and responsibility goes hand in hand with the fostering of intellectual freedom and academic excellence. We value highly that freedom which is rooted in the willingness to enforce and administer our own rules, and in the willingness of all students to cooperate with the entire community. We believe that not only the ability to make decisions, but also the development of a respect for the decisions of others is essential to the education process and the working of a viable community.