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Temporary Art Installation Policy

Temporary Art Installation Policy

In cooperation with the Art Department, Facilities Operations, Residential Education, and Safety and Security, this policy has been established to provide general guidelines for students requesting the use of space for the purpose of temporary art installations. Temporary art installations include, but are not limited to sculptures, 3-D art, murals, gallery displays, live performances, and may not permanently alter the existing space in any way. Each space request for use of a temporary art installation will be looked at individually to determine its appropriateness.

Students must identify the requested space and complete the Temporary Art Installation application. This form and the full policy description can be obtained in Facilities Operations, Residential Education, and in the Student Union Office in Wilder Hall 111. It is recommended that the application with all required signatures be completed at least two weeks prior to the proposed installation. Proposed installations that conflict with areas already reserved will be denied. 

NOTE: Oberlin College’s insurance underwriters do not allow the college to sponsor any activity like or related to fire poi. While hazards associated with open heat sources can be controlled through a properly implemented fire prevention policy, fire poi and other similar equipment are not fixed sources of ignition and present an extreme risk of fire and personal injury.