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News and Events

News and Events

RELG 402

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Religion Department Lounge

2:00 Rachel Sacks
Fearless Foreign Women: Exploring Tamar and Ruth as Characters Within a Post-Exilic Debate on Intermarriage        

2:20 Julia Murphy
The Construction of Female Identity in Premodern Japanese Buddhism             

2:40 Isabelle Harari
Relative Prioritization of Catholic Ethics: A Critical Analysis of Boston Catholic Charities in 2006

3:00 Nora Catlin
Dual Design: The Value of Green Space in Urban America          

3:20 Noah Last
By Any Genes Necessary: Enlightened Self-interest in Kierkegaard’s Works of Love        

3:40 Liam McMillin
Who is the “Scholar”? or, Looking for Truth with Emerson

4:00 Emma Snape
Goddess Killing: The Combat Myth and Politics in Revelation

4:20 Davidson Barsky
Framing Jihad: Islamic and International Conceptions of jus in bello in American Sniper           

4:40 Hunter Zepeda
Gustavo Gutiérrez’s Liberation Theology: A Hermeneutic of Utopian Hope


RELG 405

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Religion Department Lounge

2:30 Victoria Ellington
In Search of the Bigger Sin: A Study of Sexuality in Black Gospel Music Performance Related to Issues of Power, Gender, and Representation           

2:50 Nathalie Farmer
Food as Religious Identity: Fostering Community and Creating Otherness

3:10 Elizabeth Foster
Making Space for LGBTQ Identities in Buddhism          

3:30 Gabe Weiland
Where Satan Meets Odinism: The Occult and Heathenism in Norwegian Black Metal          

3:50 Julianne Hussman
Self-Care as a Bridge from Atomization to Social Connectedness: Engaged Buddhist and Feminist Contributions          

RELG 402 & 405


Wednesday - April 20, 2016
Religion Department Lounge

RELG 405

11:45 Hazel Crampton-Hays
Breaking Bread: The National Prayer Breakfast and The First Amendment

12:05 Eli Fisher
Prophet of profit: Joel Osteen and the Prosperity Gospel

12:25 Isabel Guerra
    Curanderismo: ‘Traditional Mexican Folk Medicine’

12:45 Abbie Hudson
  A Time to Act: The Kairos in Palestine

1:05   Ashley McMahon
  Religious Challengers of Human Trafficking

1:25   Eiden Pospisil
          Reestablishing a Voice: Discussing the Impact of Islam on African American Jazz Artists in the 20th Century

1:45   Eli Steiker-Ginzberg
Environmentalism and Salvation: The Place of Religious Rhetoric in the Climate Change Debate

2:05   Savannah Tracy
Real Television: How to be a Religious Reality TV Star


RELG 402

2:30   Lili Baldwin
Co-redemption at the Foot of the Cross: How Affective Representations of Mary Reconstruct her Divinity

2:50   Caitrin Hughes
Bodies, Femininity and Motherhood: Renaissance Portrayals of the Virgin Mary and Eve

3:10   Emma Leiken
“The New-Epoch Builders”: Buddhist Identities and the Reclamation of Personhood in the Ambedkar Conversion Movement

3:30   Beatrice Collison
Affliction, Love, and the Grotesque: A Feminist Approach to Simone Weil’s Mysticism

3:50   Peter Paul
The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of William Blake: A mystical approach to Existentialism

4:10   Callan Louis
The Landscape of this Feeling: Relationships between Religious Discourse and Emotional Identity

4:30   Samuel Ascheim
  “The American Religion”: On Sanctifying Privilege and Power in the Land of the Free

4:50    Andrew Seligson
Martin Buber and the Role of Dialogue, Empathy, and Religious Peacemaking in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict


RELG 402

Wednesday - April 22, 2015
Religion Department Lounge

2:30 Sarah Kahn
    Rethinking the Sick Body in Phallocratic Western Culture: A Critical Engagement with Luce Irigaray

2:50 Anna Lawrence
    The Changing Language of Gender Roles and Hierarchy in Conservative Evangelical Marriage Guides

3:10 Logan McMillen
    Defining a Category of Apophatic Speech Acts

3:30 Miranda Rutherford
    A Trickster in Disguise: Reading a New Type of Satan in 2 Corinthians

4:00 Intermission

4:10 Rachel Webberman
    The Violent, Deceitful Woman: Notions of Inversion in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Literature

4:30 Dana Belott
    Reimagining the Hindu Ideal Woman: Interrogating Pre-20th-century Standards and Taking Ownership of Sita in Modern Retellings of the Ramayana

4:50 Ambre Dromgoole
    Devil in a White Dress: From Survival to Policing in the Modesty Standards of Black Holiness Congregations

Reception to follow

President's Lecture - Paula Richman '74

Sept 19 - 12:15pm

Writing about an Epic that Continues to Speak: Banned Books, Politics, and the Academic Study of Religion

12:15-1:15pm, Friday, September 19, 2014
Finney Chapel
Free and open to the public

Paula Richman '74, Oberlin's Danforth Professor of South Asian Religions, studies the Ramayana (a Hindu epic) and Tamil, a language spoken primarily in South India.  She has published two books on Tamil poetry and a book on 20th-century retellings of the Ramayana in Tamil. She received a Guggenheim Fellowship and grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Institute of India Studies.

Capstone Program

Capstone Program