Rhetoric and Composition

Course Writing Associates

Course Writing Associates

Some Writing Associates are assigned to Writing Intensive courses in order to help students negotiate the learning of writing alongside the learning of course content. Trained in writing pedagogy and equipped with knowledge of the specific course’s content and assignment goals, Course Writing Associates are able to offer their students specialized guidance and serve as an accessible peer-resource throughout the semester. Course Writing Associate assignments are listed below.

SPRING 2018 Course Writing Associates

Writing Associate



Allen, Sydney

RHET 208: American Political Rhetorics

D. Guidry

Berry, Ryanne

ENGL 299: Introduction to the Advanced Study of Literature

L. Baudot

Cabral, Brian

ENGL 368: Cultures of Basketball

Y. Colas

Deshusses, Chloe

CMUS 103: Introduction to the Anthropology of Music

 J. Fraser

Di Monda, Bri

RHET 103: Motives & Methods

D. Guidry

Dunbar, Kameron

POLT 120: Introduction to International Politics

S. Blings

Feuer, Austin

ENGL 214: Image and Enlightenment

L. Baudot

Flood, ClaraMargaret

GEOL 212: Earth Surface Processes

A. Schmidt

Fortney, Luke

ENGL 206: Shakespearean Tragedy 

W. Hyman

      Frankenfield, Jake

PHIL 236: Feminism in Arts & Sciences

R. Capdevila

Gardiner, Gwennie

History Department

Gelman, Sadie

Art History Department

Guinn, Eliza

History Department

Haley, Caracol

RHET 205: Rhetorics of Gender Non-Conformity

J. Cooper

Kimball, Maddi

ENGL 231: Sports Literature & Cultural Fantasy

Y. Colas

Leavitt, Perri

MHST 255: Music of the Romantic Era

C. McGuire

Mantell, Cole

History Department

Pandolfi, Olivia

ESOL 140: English for Speakers of Other Languages

L. Fekete

Purcell, Frances

CLAS 240: Identity Citizenship in Ancient Democracy

N. Campa

Sanborn, Colin

Art History Department

Shaeffer, Faith

RHET 207: Literary Journalism

H. Sundt

Turnbull, Barbara

RHET 103: Writing: Motives & Methods

D. Guidry

Utset, Julia

ESOL 130 & 140: English for Speakers of Other Languages

L. Fekete

Wood, India

GSFS/CAST 319: Sexual Absences

K.J. Cerankowski