Rhetoric and Composition

Course Writing Associates

Course Writing Associates

Some Writing Associates are assigned to Writing Intensive courses in order to help students negotiate the learning of writing alongside the learning of course content. Trained in writing pedagogy and equipped with knowledge of the specific course’s content and assignment goals, Course Writing Associates are able to offer their students specialized guidance and serve as an accessible peer-resource throughout the semester. Course Writing Associate assignments are listed below.

Spring 2017 Course Writing Associates

Writing Associate



Andrews, Rachel

RHET 105: Writing to Learn & Participate

J. Cooper

Benedyk, Leila

RHET 305: Organization Grant Proposals

J. Cooper

Eisenberg, Emma

POLT 120: Intro to Internationl Politics

K. Mani

Freeman Lifschutz, Mariel

RHET 103: Writing: Motives & Methods

D. Guidry

Gardiner, Gwendolyn


Gilbert, Natina

ENGL 255: Concept of Nature Early Am Lit

T. McMillin

Gillett, Maya

ANTH 482: Good Intentions

C. Biruk

Ginsberg, Zoe

ENGL 254: 19th Century New York

D. Skeehan

Goltz, Andrea

GEOL 212: Earth Surface Processes

A. Schmidt

Kaplovitz, David


Kerkhoff, Willa

DANC 375: Feminist Ethnography

M. De la Cruz

Kimball, Charlie

DANC 275: Dance and Activism

M. De la Cruz

Lambert, Sean

RELG 224: Authentic Freedom & Human Cond

C. Lockwood

Last, Noah

RELG 208: New Testmnt/Christian Origins

C. Chapman

Leopold, Amanda

ENGL 299: Intro to Advanced Study of Lit

P. Day

Lin, Kevin


Maniates-Selvin, Sierra

CRWR 120: Intro to Writing Fiction

A. Hirsch

Mitchell-Sparke, Sage

FYSP 144: Malcolm X & Martin Luther King

A. Miller

Pult, Athena

RELG 202: Book of Job & Hist Interpret

C. Chapman

Rodwin, Talia

ENGL 229: The Poets' Bible

D. Harrison

Saigh, Margaret

ENGL 290: Shakespearean Comedy

W. Hyman

Shaeffer, Faith

RHET 208:American Political Rhetorics

D. Guidry

Schlanger, Zoe


Stein, Carley

RHET 103: Writing: Motives & Methods

D. Guidry

Wilson, Kathleen

CAST 201: Latinas/os Comparative Perspec

G. Perez

Yates, Ryan

RHET 209: Art of the Lyric Essay

M. Wilkinson