Around the Square: Your Inside Connection to Oberlin Stories, News, and Events is an e-newsletter produced by the Alumni Association in cooperation with the Office of Communications for alumni, emeriti, and friends of Oberlin College.
Around the Square
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Around the Square: Your Inside Connection to Oberlin Stories, News, and Events is an e-newsletter produced by the Alumni Association in cooperation with the Office of Communications for alumni, emeriti, and friends of Oberlin College.

Feature Story

Alumni Trustee Election

Vote in the 2018 Alumni Trustee Election

Oberlin is unusual among liberal arts colleges in that six of the 29 to 37 seats on its Board of Trustees are filled through direct election by alumni. Alumni have a unique opportunity to elect trustees who will join a board that is mindful of the traditions and heritage of the institution and whose current members take their important fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. The time has come to elect two trustees who will serve from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2022. The two candidates receiving the most votes will be declared elected for four-year terms starting July 1, 2018.

Any person upon whom the college has conferred a degree is eligible to participate in this election. All eligible voters for whom Oberlin College has an e-mail address will be sent an electronic ballot. Eligible voters who graduated before 1960, and those for whom we do not have e-mail addresses, will be sent paper ballots.

This website provides information about the board and the election process. Learn more about the candidates below.

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Profiles of Alumni-Elected Trustee Candidates

Francisco X. Dominguez ’89

Francisco X. Dominguez ’89

Photo courtesy of Francisco X. Dominguez ’89

Learn more.

Julia Steyn '96

Julia Steyn '96

Photo courtesy of Julia Steyn '96

Learn more.

Jay Whitacre ’94

Jay Whitacre ’94

Photo courtesy of Jay Whitacre ’94

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Support for Applicants Participating in Demonstrations

February 23, 2018

In response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, students across the country have staged walk-outs and planned future actions in remembrance of the victims and in solidarity against gun violence. We are aware that some high schools may be planning to discipline students who participate in such activities.

Oberlin College has a long and celebrated commitment to social justice, and honors the right of all people to demonstrate responsibly. Discipline resulting from respectful engagement will not have a negative influence on a current applicant's admissions status or on any future application.

Manuel Carballo
Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Beyond the Square: Winter Term

Eleda Fernald '20 and Charles Cui '20 Winter Term

Inside the Bamboo Bikes Beijing and Beyond workshop, Eleda Fernald '20 and Charles Cui '20 construct their own bikes.

Photo courtesy of Eleda Fernald '20 and Charles Cui '20

Eleda Fernald '20 and Charles Cui '20 Winter Term

Ely Bordt '20 joined Marcus Hill '19 and Amanda Schmidt, assistant professor of Geology, in research they have been working on since 2017. Over the summer they traveled to Dominica to collect oil samples in order to track erosion rates on the island. After Hurricane Maria, the group was given the rare opportunity to study the post-hurricane effects on erosion and compare those to the pre-hurricane erosion patterns that were observed over the summer. Shown here is Marcus Hill '19 sieving through some of the river sediment.

Photo courtesy of Ely Bordt '20

Peter Mulgrew '21 visited several historical WWII sites in Japan to understand how Japan publicity explains the war to visiting tourists and to local Japanese who did not experience the effects of the war. Mulgrew visited such memorial sites as the Yasukuni Shrine (shown), Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Park, and the Osaka Peace Museum.

Photo courtesy of Peter Mulgrew '21

Additional Stories

Courage and Compassion Exhibit Photo by Dale Preston '83

Courage and Compassion: Our Shared Story of the Japanese American WWII Experience

The History of the Project and Its Inception

Clyde Owan ’79 became interested in learning more about Nisei students at Oberlin during the war years when he realized that family friend, Alice Takemoto '47, had left Jerome War Relocation Camp to pursue her studies at Oberlin. In 2013, he joined with then East Asian studies major Cassie Guevara '13, and Oberlin College Archivist Ken Grossi, to uncover the history of Japanese American students at Oberlin during World War II. They combed through college records, looked at yearbooks, worked with the alumni office to track down former students, and uncovered the rich stories of Nisei students who studied at Oberlin during the war. In 2013, this research became the basis for a featured article in the Oberlin Alumni Magazine.

In 2015, staff members at the Go For Broke Foundation came across the story in the alumni magazine as they searched for communities that treated Japanese Americans with generosity and compassion during the war. They contacted Renee Romano, professor of history and chair of the Oberlin College History Department, to see if Oberlin would be interested in participating in the grant to mount a traveling history exhibit.

Learn more.

Second-year DaQuan Williams '20 honors Moses Hogan ’79 with sing-along program during Black History Month

DaQuan Williams '20Photo courtesy of DaQuan Williams '20

In high school and community youth choirs in Chicago, DaQuan Williams '20 regularly performed spirituals and gospel music arranged by renowned conductor Moses Hogan. When he came to Oberlin, however, he didn’t immediately make the connection that Hogan, an accomplished concert pianist and choral director, was a 1979 graduate of the Conservatory of Music.

It wasn’t until his second semester that he discovered Hogan’s relationship to Oberlin. The revelation led him to think more deeply about Oberlin’s institutional history with the genres of African American spirituals and black classical music.

“I began to ask, ‘If I’m just now discovering Hogan’s ties to Oberlin after a full semester of study, what else haven’t I learned? I think it would be great to further educate the campus community about black choral music. Whether this takes the form of an entire course, a couple of featured lectures, or some fun interactive programs, we need to implement more ways of interacting with this content."

DaQuan Williams '20 on discovering Hogan's ties to Oberlin. Learn more.

Sonny Rollins Establishes Oberlin Ensemble to Give Back

In 2017, jazz legend Sonny Rollins made a generous gift to Oberlin College for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the Oberlin Conservatory of Music Sonny Rollins Jazz Ensemble Fund. Listen to his interview with WCPN-90.3 FM to learn more about why he gave to Oberlin.

Listen to the interview.

“Let’s say these Oberlin students repay wherever they got this great musical gift from, that’s what I always wanted to do. This was the idea, to try to get the students to think in that way, so they can have a successful life. They’re not just going to have a successful life just playing music and being exceptional players. That’s not enough. This is how I would like the world to be like this and there’s no reason it can’t be like this, but somebody has to start somewhere and make it happen."

Sonny Rollins on giving to Oberlin and paying it forward.

Women’s Basketball Team wins Conference Tournament

Women's Basketball Team

The Oberlin College women’s basketball team won its first-ever North Coast Athletic Conference Championship, defeating the Wittenberg University Tigers 71-39. With the victory, the Yeowomen improved to 21-7 and earned the conference’s automatic berth into the NCAA tournament. Learn more.

The Yeowomen are traveling to Messiah College (25-2) to take on the 15th-ranked Falcons this Friday, March 2 at 7:30 p.m. Local area alumni can attend a watch party at Slow Train Café. The game will be accessible via Messiah's video portal.

Join us for an OBIEAdventure: Gettysburg & The Civil War Biking Tour

June 17-20, 2018

Escorted by Oberlin Assistant Professor of History Tamika Nunley

Join fellow Obies for a "low cost, high value" getaway next summer and prepare yourself for a totally visceral experience of American history combined with a relaxing 4-day Civil War bike tour and pedal through Gettysburg, Antietam and the Monocacy Valley. It's one of National Geographic Traveler's 50 Tours of a Lifetime! Experience Gettysburg as few people have, up close and personal with a battlefield guide. This award-winning vacation retraces key campaigns of the American Conflict. Cycle through the beautiful landscapes of rural Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Don't delay, space is limited and spots are quickly filling up! Learn more and register:

Share What You Value Most About Oberlin

Oberlin Stickers Illustrations by Jacob Gilbert '16

As Oberlin College alumni, you are proud ambassadors and representatives of Oberlin. Your personal stories bring the college to life in powerful and authentic ways and make a profound impression on prospective students and families who are considering a liberal arts education.

President Ambar has recently launched a video series on campus in which students, faculty, and staff share what they value most about Oberlin. As an extension of this project, we ask that you film a short “what I value most about my Oberlin experience” video of your own.

All approaches to answering the question are most welcome. Each video brings us closer to capturing the full-spectrum story of Oberlin’s value in the world—from its academic and musical excellence, to its compelling legacy of entrepreneurship, creativity, and social justice.

All alumni who submit a video will receive a free sheet of Oberlin stickers. Learn more.

Attend an Alumni Event

Join us for an event in your region. For a full listing of events, visit this web page.

March 10

Courage and Compassion Exhibit Reception

March 17

2018 Obie Night at the NBA

March 18

OA4: A Brooklyn Soul Session

March 18

Yeomen 2018 Spring Training and Dinner

March 19

A Special Evening with Steve Volk in NYC

March 24

March Tidepool Tour

May 20

Rhiannon Giddens '00 Cincinnati Concert

June 17-20

OBIEAdventures! 2018 - Gettysburg & The Civil War Bicycling Adventure

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