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LaunchU FINAL PITCH Competition

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The Bootcamp, held January 15-26, was a 12-day, 12-hour a day intensive that took the 31 participants working on 21 ventures through an extensive business model exploration, followed by programs in marketing, business law, sales strategies, finance and forecasting, fundraising and team building for startups.  Nineteen professionals presented materials on business formation, for-profit and nonprofit fundraising, social venture management, branding, B2B/B2C marketing, intellectual property law, and financial forecasting. This is in addition to three Oberlin entrepreneurs discussing their paths to success in industries such as media, energy, and biotechnology.

The Round 1 Pitch competition was Saturday February 24th.  Seventeen ventures competed and then these ten were chosen to go to the finals.  

The Final Pitch Competition has 10 ventures competing to win a portion of the $45,000 startup fund.  Tune in or come and watch to learn who wins.

Saturday, March 10
8:30 – 11:30 a.m. Apollo Theater

UpClose – In-depth Q&A with Entrepreneurs
1:30 – 3:30 Bibbins
Bibbins 213 – Concerts for Good, Grounded Flight;
Bibbins 216 – Conservatory Contracting, Nepali Dreams;
Bibbins 223 – wilbr, Sypher;
Bibbins 224 – Virtu.Academy, Salt Point Seaweed;
Bibbins 233 – Bobalin, UPage, Concerts for Good

LaunchU Awards Party
4:00 – 6:00 p.m., The Birenbaum

Featured speaker, Cole Hershkowtz
LaunchU winner 2014 for his growing successful business Chai Energy


Entrepreneurs: Katie Kim ’20
Description: Bringing boba to Oberlin while having fun building a community of boba lovers. 

Concerts for Good
Entrepreneurs: Jingning "Jenny" Huang ’19, Celina Kobetitsch ’19
Description: Partnering with nonprofits to grow donations through community-wide music programming.

Conservatory Contracting
Entrepreneurs: Baker Kelvin’20, Zachary Bergman ’20
Description: Conservatory Contracting is a business designed to make the scheduling and hiring of musicians easier for your big event.

Grounded Flight
Entrepreneur: Deron Essex ’18
Description: Grounded Flight is a company that is dedicated to helping young people understand their emotional, mental, and spiritual processes. 

Nepali Dreams
Entrepreneur: Bikalpa Baniya ’19
Description: Nepali Dreamers is a peer to peer college counseling program that connects students with better education abroad
Salt Point Seaweed
Entrepreneur: Tessa Emmer ’11, Avery Resor, Catherine O'Hare ’11
Description: Salt Point Seaweed sells culinary seaweed harvested from northern California and is pioneering California's first regenerative seaweed farm to produce a nutritious and sustainable source of food, mitigate climate change, and support coastal communities.

Entrepreneur: Samantha Brown ’13
Description: The Sypher is a nonprofit organization providing young creatives on the Southside of Chicago opportunities and spaces to heal, express, and reconnect with each other by using the performing and visual arts to build community. 

Entrepreneur: Hassan Bin Fahim ’18
Description: uPage is a website creation platform for people in developing economies that aims to empower people to be able to create local affordable websites.

Entrepreneurs: Bryan Rubin ’18, Benjamin Steger ’19
Description: Virtu.Academy is a platform for video music lessons built to make high quality music education accessible to everyone.

Entrepreneur: Ted Warner ’09
Description: Automatically buy stock in the companies where you shop.


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