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Aaron Appel

photo of Aaron Appel
Projects: Auntie Na's House

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Aaron Wolff ’17

photo of Aaron Wolff
Major: Cello Performance, Comparative Literature
Projects: Beyond the Black Dots: Expanding the Interpretive Process

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Abe Post-Hyatt

photo of Abe Post-Hyatt
Position(s): President, Goby
Projects: Goby

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Abigail Collier ’14

photo of Abigail Collier
Major: East Asian Studies
Projects: Bridgehampton Brewery

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Adam Work ’19

photo of Adam Work
Major: East Asian Studies
Projects: The Peanut Sauce Project 2017

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Adrian Rew ’13

photo of Adrian Rew
Major: Comparative Literature
Projects: Ergot Records

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Ahmad Zia Wahdat

photo of Ahmad Zia Wahdat
Major: Economics
Position(s): CEO; Founder, MyChair
Projects: MyChair

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Ahmed El Meleegy

photo of Ahmed El Meleegy
Projects: Middle East Insights

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Aidan Apel ’14

photo of Aidan Apel
Major: Economics, Political Science
Projects: Runovation

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Aiury Cavallo ’18

photo of Aiury Cavallo
Major: Africana Studies and Visual Arts
Projects: Trading Card Game

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Alani Gaunt ’10

photo of Alani Gaunt
Major: Cinema Studies, Studio Art
Projects: Freelance Makeup Artistry

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Alesandra Zsiba

photo of Alesandra Zsiba
Major: Interdisciplinary Performance
Projects: The Identity Project

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Alex Wilder ’17

photo of Alex Wilder
Major: Musical Studies
Projects: Documentary Songwriting in Barcelona

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Alia Kate

photo of Alia Kate
Location: New York, New York
Position(s): Owner, Kantara
Projects: Kantara

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Alissa Wible ’06

photo of Alissa Wible
Major: Psychology
Projects: Mental Health Lifestyle LLC

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