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Art of Giving Back image

Art of Giving Back

Creativity Fund, Spring 2013-14

Art of Giving Back is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting young classical musicians and giving back to the community. We currently represent a roster of over 35 Volunteer Artists across North America between the ages of 18-32. We organize K-12 workshops for young musicians, community ... Read more »

Bridgehampton Brewery

Creativity Fund, Fall 2012-13

The Bridgehampton Brewery will be the first Kombucha brewery in Long Island, New York. It will brew the live-cultured, probiotic drink to be bottled, kegged, and distributed to restaurants, small businesses, and catering companies across the East End. The Brewery will fit seamlessly within the South... Read more »

Chamber Music in Italy

Creativity Fund, Winter 2008-09

A Winter Term tour of Italy, during which we will perform outreach concerts, present masterclasses, and give private lessons. By demanding organization, professionalism, and lengthy travel, our tour will provide us with an initial understanding ofthe realities of being a professional chamber ...   Read more »

Composing Cities

Creativity Fund, Winter 2008-09

To explore the intersection of text and music by travelling to Spain, where I will familiarize myself with home cities of three influential Spanish poets, examine the contemporary music scene in those various cities, and then compose text-settings of several authors' poems, using the contemporary ...   Read more »

Conflict Resolution and Outreach in Rural Kenya

Creativity Fund, Fall 2008-09

Fostering entrepreneurial ventures that cross ethnic boundaries through comprehensive conflict resolution. Read more »

Contemporary Music Project

Creativity Fund, Spring 2008-09

My goal in this project is to compose a concerto for oboe and orchestra, learn "Points on the Curve to Find...” for Piano & 22 Instrumentalists by Luciano Berio and participate the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice 2009 to work with Stephen Drury and Jonathan Harvey in... Read more »

deturtle: East Coast Tour

Creativity Fund, Spring 2012-13

deturtle brings together a contemporary classical string trio with a dynamic rhythm section to present original compositions from all members of the band. Drawing upon influences from a wide range of styles, deturtle has collaborated with artists from the jazz, world music, and classical idioms such... Read more »

Developing Cinematography Skills

Creativity Fund, Spring 2013-14

In order to return to the origins of the documentary film, develop his skills as a cinematographer and explore the emerging field of sensory ethnography, Gilfether will spend the summer shooting and learning to hand-develop 16mm black and white film. He intends to use this "slow media" to create a ... Read more »

Eco Internships

Creativity Fund, Fall 2010-11

I will be working with the Earth Rights Eco Village Institute, Senegal’s National Eco-Village Agency and Beyond Fair Trade to develop a trade model that empowers communities, expands existing trade networks and increases economic diversity and activity in eco-villages. We will ultimately be ... Read more »

Ergot Records image

Ergot Records

Creativity Fund, Fall 2011-12

Ergot Records will be based upon the model of successful independent record labels: starting small and initially operating at a grassroots level, it will make use of already-existing networks of likeminded record stores, distributors, independent radio stations and venues to ensure the simultaneous ... Read more »

Fog Harvesting: An Environmental and Social Solution

Creativity Fund, Spring 2009-10

This project will explore using fog harvesting technology as an alternative and more sustainable water source in California, where drought is expected to increase with climate change. Fog harvesters are simple collection systems that can be installed in individual gardens to collect water particles ... Read more »

Freelance Makeup Artistry

Creativity Fund, Spring 2009-10

Upon graduation from Oberlin College, I intend to establish myself as a self-employed, freelance makeup artist. I see makeup artistry as means of storytelling. All of our personalities, experiences, and emotions leave their mark on us, affecting the way we hold our faces and bodies, the way we style... Read more »


Creativity Fund, Spring 2009-10

The game industry is broken. Financial obligations to blockbuster games see large publishers discourage innovation and release endlessly similar products. Audiences not serviced by these products are ignored, passed over in the system's momentum. geakStudios addresses these problems by allowing... Read more »

Global Climb Initiative

Creativity Fund, Winter 2012-13

Helping Oberlin Maintain Oberlin (H.O.M.E.)

Creativity Fund, Winter 2009-10

Helping Oberlin Maintain Equity, Inc. (HOME) is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Oberlin residents access comprehensive foreclosure help resources. Read more »

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