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Aerial Agents image

Aerial Agents

LaunchU (participant), Winter 2014-15

Aerial Agents LLC, based in Northeast Ohio, is a media production company focused on providing high quality aerial imaging and other media production services including 3D imaging. Aerial Agents intends to be the premier aerial media provider within the Great Lakes region. Our concept is simple, our...   Read more »

Apothecary image


LaunchU (participant), Spring 2016-17

Apothecary is a Delhi-based company dedicated to empowering individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle. Apothecary provides health food products, consultation and education to the Urban Indian consumer so that being healthy is more accessible than ever before. Rooted in a holistic approach to ...   Read more »

Aptros image


LaunchU (participant), Spring 2016-17

Exactics—the first product from gaming startup Aptros—is like chess, but the pieces can do more interesting things and you get to design each of them yourself. It is meant for competitive players who are frustrated by the variance in current competitive video games, as well as the time ...   Read more »

BAR NONE image


LaunchU (winner), Spring 2016-17

BAR NONE is a multidisciplinary art space for formerly incarcerated people in New Orleans, LA. At BAR NONE, people can take free art classes, have access to art supplies and multimedia equipment, exhibit and sell their artwork, host community art events, and collaborate with artists-in-residence. ...   Read more » image

LaunchU (winner), Winter 2014-15

BASE.PK is a web hosting/website creation platform that aims to provide users in developing economies an easy way to create their own websites without financial bariers stopping them from doing so. Instead of generic web hosting platforms that target audiences in western countires, BASE.PK aims to ...   Read more »

Bee Awesome image

Bee Awesome

LaunchU (participant), Winter 2015-16 | LaunchU (participant) 2016-17

Bee Awesome inspires environmental stewardship through education - linking people, pollinators, and planet.  Our signature programs include: The Land of Milk & Honey (pairing & tasting); BeeHive Your Classroom; and BeeHive Your Business.  We offer outstanding natural honeys (...   Read more »

BinStored image


LaunchU (winner), Winter 2012-13

Finals week is a hectic time of year in the oasis that is Oberlin College. Students are usually slammed with papers and tests, and they’re emotional about losing their 4th and 5th year classmates to the abyss that is the “real-world”. On top of all of that, somewhere way in the ...   Read more »

Bookalokal image


LaunchU (winner), Winter 2012-13

Born in Brussels in October 2012, Bookalokal is a community for social foodies to list, discover, and book unique culinary events around the world — online or from a mobile device. From home-cooked dinners and brunches to cooking classes, wine tastings and food tours, Bookalokal connects ...   Read more »

BOSS image


LaunchU (participant), Spring 2016-17

A non-profit effort to harness the natural resource which is the Black athlete, developing the untapped potential of this future college-admitted Black fe/male population to use their influence with their non-athlete peers so that both are better positioned to pursue success in any industry and ...   Read more »

Built by Women (BxW) image

Built by Women (BxW)

LaunchU (winner), Winter 2014-15

Built by Women (BxW) is a platform for an educational and social movement to increase consciousness of women’s contributions to the built environment and to inspire girls to consider STEM careers, in particular architecture, engineering and construction. BxW will profile and map women's work ...   Read more »

Call and Response image

Call and Response

LaunchU (winner), Winter 2014-15

Call-and-Response is a new program, hosted at BOP STOP at The Music Settlement, that curates a festival of food, visual art, music, theater, and film, dedicated to celebrating and promoting local, emerging Cleveland artists by fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and providing the resources to...   Read more »

CampusBundle, Inc. image

CampusBundle, Inc.

LaunchU (participant), Winter 2014-15

Bundle aims to streamline the processes of group management, event creation, and money sharing for university groups and their leaders, as well as similar groups in other organizations. Bundle’s goal is to create a system that students can start using while they are still students, and will ...   Read more »

Chai Energy image

Chai Energy

LaunchU (winner), Winter 2013-14

Chai is building products that give consumers a simple and mobile way to understand and reduce their energy use up to 20%. Leveraging these consumer products, Chai will provide multiple services for utility companies including customer engagement, behavioral energy efficiency, and interactive demand... Read more »

Compology image


LaunchU (winner), Winter 2012-13

Food waste recycling rates remain low because of the inefficient collection infrastructure. To increase these rates, Compology is building a low-cost “Smart-Dumpster” for food waste that integrates fermentation and sensing technologies to improve disposal process hygiene and optimize ...   Read more »

Disruption Engine image

Disruption Engine

LaunchU (participant), Winter 2015-16

At Disruption Engine, we believe that while the factors behind an innovation's success are not immediately apparent, these factors are driven by certain fundamental economic and mathematical principles. By employing a new theory of innovation, we generate insights about the structural factors that ...   Read more »

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