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Allen All-In Initiative image

Allen All-In Initiative

XARTS Fund, Spring 2016-17

The Allen All-In Initiative seeks to build accessible spaces for the blind and visually impaired by creating interactive ways to touch and engage with art. The venture will employ 3D printing technology to reproduce works in the Allen’s collection with the goal to educate and engage visitor's ...   Read more »

Beyond the Black Dots: Expanding the Interpretive Process image

Beyond the Black Dots: Expanding the Interpretive Process

XARTS Fund, Spring 2015-16

Trio Ligatura will be creating a multidisciplinary, multimedia installation that integrates self obtained audio and video footage from nine churches in Rome that inspired Andrew Norman's composition The Companion Guide to Rome. Through our collaboration with architectural historians, we will invite ...   Read more »

Digital Puppet Cabaret image

Digital Puppet Cabaret

XARTS Fund, Spring 2016-17

Digital Puppet Cabaret is a live digital animation and music performance piece based on the collaboration of the visual art of Ellie Tremayne and the music of Paolo Yumol. Set to occur in Los Angeles at the end of August 2017, Digital Puppet Cabaret will feature both animated players and actors in ...   Read more »

Documentary Songwriting in Barcelona image

Documentary Songwriting in Barcelona

XARTS Fund, Fall 2016-17

Through documentary songwriting, an innovative, collaborative compositional technique that uses spoken words to create songs, this project will explore the cultural intricacies of life in Barcelona. This is a unique opportunity to develop this new writing method in Spanish and learn about how people...   Read more »

Environmental Empowerment through Multimedia Installation image

Environmental Empowerment through Multimedia Installation

XARTS Fund, Spring 2015-16

Motivated by the accelerating rate of climate change, this interactive audiovisual installation will personify the role of the individual in relationship to the environment. Participants have the agency to construct or destruct the virtual environment around them through the use of sensors, ...   Read more »


XARTS Fund, Fall 2015-16

Every day, hundreds of tuna are captured off the coast of Indonesia. Within just 72 hours, they are chilled, packaged, shipped, processed, auctioned, prepared, and served 3,500 miles away— in Tokyo. This January, we will be sailing through the coastal waters of Banda Aceh, catching a flight ...   Read more »

Flight, Musical Expression, and Virtuosity image

Flight, Musical Expression, and Virtuosity

XARTS Fund, Fall 2016-17 | FIG Fund 2016-17

Flight, Musical Expression, and Virtuosity is the second phase of development for SALTO, an interactive new musical interface linking aerial dance and sound. This phase will refine and expand SALTO into a more versatile version in MaxMSP, and produce a research paper examining the creative process ...   Read more »

Hiraeth image


XARTS Fund, Fall 2016-17

Through film photography, video, and sound installation, “Hiraeth” visually represents feelings of romanticized nostalgia as they can manifest themselves through an unrelenting bond with one's homeland. It explores the dichotomy between identity and nationality and the hold these have on...   Read more »

How Are You, Beijing Art? image

How Are You, Beijing Art?

XARTS Fund, Fall 2016-17

From January 2 to January 21, 2017, Yan and Laura will be working together to make a documentary in Beijing, focusing on exploring the influence of globalization on this city’s music and film industry.   Read more »

I Do It So It Feels Like Hell

XARTS Fund, Fall 2015-16

I Do It So It Feels Like Hell is an exploration of writing, mental illness, womanhood, and the disconnect between artist and art, demonstrated through the life and works of poet and novelist Sylvia Plath. Through Plath’s undeniably personal work, the piece will question what it means to be an ...   Read more »

Meditation on Media in Oberlin and London image

Meditation on Media in Oberlin and London

XARTS Fund, Fall 2015-16

“Meditation on Media in Oberlin and London” is an interactive installation that will investigate the impact of cross-disciplinary media in two distinct locations, Oberlin and London, rural and metropolitan, on collective social and political change. It will challenge and ask participants...   Read more »

Rebirth and Revival in Johnstown, Pennsylvania image

Rebirth and Revival in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

XARTS Fund, Spring 2016-17

In this exploration of Johnstown, PA as a site of both (simultaneous) decay and prospective revival, we hope to examine how its residents yield hope amidst the town’s economically disadvantaged position. Furthermore, we are interested in how the town’s historical cycle of destruction and...   Read more »

Rope Study 2.0 image

Rope Study 2.0

XARTS Fund, Spring 2016-17

Rope Study 2.0 is a multimedia interactive art installation developed by Leah Newman and Hunter Brown. This installation consists of four separate modules: three interactive audiovisual experiences and an aerial rope performance, which is accompanied by a projected video. Rope Study 2.0 focuses on a...   Read more »

The Peanut Sauce Project 2017 image

The Peanut Sauce Project 2017

XARTS Fund, Spring 2016-17

The Peanut Sauce Project 2017 is a documentary film series and art installation that explores the lives of marginalized groups in Thailand’s education system. Our four films, featuring original soundtracks for saw and khlui, will be screened at the installation made of Thai rice pods, Thai silk, ... Read more »

The Tap Project image

The Tap Project

XARTS Fund, Spring 2016-17

I am producing a one-woman documentary play, interviewing professional tap dancers about whether tap dancing can cultivate political change and foster healing and reflection, while exploring my own liberation through tap dance. The research will culminate in spring of 2018 into a full-length one-...   Read more »

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