Meet the Student Staff

Resource Conservation Team

Beth Minahan, ('17), is an environmental studies major. She is from Boston, Massachusetts and enjoys hiking, exploring, cooking, and identifying trees. She aspires to reduce waste and consumption at Oberlin and in the world. She is also excited about working on the J-house garden!

Nora Cooper, '17, is an Africana Studies and English major born and raised in Rochester, New York. She loves backpacking, swimming, public markets, coffee, Leslie Marmon Silko, and adventures. Nora is excited about playing in the J-House garden and contributing to Oberlin's compost system!


Jazmen Bell (19') is an Africana Studies Major from St. Louis, Missouri. She loves her city and is interested in the intersections between environmental and social justice. Jazmen dances with the semi-professional dance troupe, Dance Diaspora, when she isn't sorting the pants from the shorts in the Free Store. 


Nicole Estrada ('18) is an Environmental Studies major and a Hispanic Studies minor from Birmingham, Alabama. She loves backpacking, knitting, and cooking. In the future she would like to work in the realm of outdoor education as well as of advocacy for migrant worker's rights.


Morgan Stein '18 is a prospective Biology and Environmental Science double major. She loves finding treasure in the free store (pictured above), and planting seed babies at the J House garden. In her spare time she likes to read books, drink coffee, and go on adventures. 

Maddie Batzli, ’17, is a Sociology & GSFS double major and ENVS minor from Madison, WI. She focuses on compost and education/outreach in her work on the RCT, and enjoys writing music, adventuring, and running on Oberlin’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams. 
Accolades: Received shoutout for picking ham out of the compost pile by hand.
Lydia Moran (she, her, hers) is from Minneapolis, MN and will graduate in 2018. She is currently undecided in her major, but is leaning towards english or art history. She is very excited to work in the garden and organize the free store. She loves eating raspberries, biking, and Fiona Apple. 

Sophia Pekowsky, '18, is a cool gal from Boston, MA who is considering a major in sociology, a minor in computer science, and a concentration in singing to the worms in the j house garden soil. She loves dairy products, mountains, and tulips. 


Andrea Allen ('17) is a Math major from Northern California. On the RCT, she spends her time gardening and composting, and lives in EARRTH house, Oberlin's sustainability theme house. Andrea is also the president of the partner acrobatics club on campus and is involved in OCircus. In her spare time she likes hiking, running, and reading short fiction. 


Abby Cali, ('17), is an Environmental Studies major and a Studio Art minor with a concentration in Education Studies. Born in Wisconsin, she grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts and loves cooking, screenprinting, growing food, and making music. She adores the free store and all its treasures, and can occasionally be found shoveling soil onto the compost heap at weird hours of the night.

Lu Zucker, '19

Kelly Staff Pic

Kelly McCarthy ('19) is an Environmental Studies major from Massachusetts. She is especially interested in issues of food justice and sustainable food systems, and wants to find ways to make sustainability more accessible and exciting for all Oberlin students and community members. Kelly enjoys reading, playing soccer, and being in the mountains of New England. 


Non-Student Staff


Chet Arcaba | Director of Facilities Stewardship, Oberlin College



Keith Watkins, Director of Facilities, was the director of the Resource Conservation student staff program from 2001-2016. Keith is a young-at-heart recycle-rock-star with 16 years of medical background including EMT and Paramedic work. He also has 15 years facilities experience to include, Environmental/Health and Safety, Quality Control, OSHA, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, and Health and Sanitation. He had the opportunity to support our country during the Gulf War and enjoys working out, reading, and drawing.

RCT Hall of Fame (Former RCT members):

  • Shavonne Stanek, '16
  • Kyla Van Buren, '16
  • Zoe Bluffstone, '16
  • Franklin Sussman, '17
  • Jacob Wilson, '17
  • Isabel Guerra, '16
  • Nathan Klein, '16
  • Caroline De Vries, '16
  • Sylvia Channing, '14
  • Margaret Lindman, '14
  • Caroline Meister, '14
  • Zachary Crockford, '15
  • William Leslie, '15
  • Clara Ferraz, '14
  • Amanda Jacir, '13
  • Kristina Witcher, '13
  • Carson Whitmore
  • Joelle Eliza Lingat, '14
  • Brandt Rentel '14
  • Katie Rotman '14
  • Hayley Rutledge, '14
  • Heather Sedlacek '12
  • Cuy Corey Patrick Harkins '12
  • Ali Schneiderman, '11
  • Sophia Weinmann, '11
  • Daniel Lobb, '13
  • Catie Wilkinson '12
  • John Adreoni, '11
  • Spencer Thompson, '11
  • Mary Badame, '11
  • Kate Coury '10
  • Rebecca Caine '10
  • Livia Capaldi '10
  • Madeline Marvar '11
  • Kirsten Zook '09
  • Zibby Greenebaum '09
  • Lara Nagle '09
  • Iris Kunert '09
  • Robert Chew '09
  • Amelia Frank '09
  • Roneisha Kinney '09
  • Sandra Biller '09
  • Ayla Zeimer '09
  • Ariela Zamcheck '07
  • Kym Buzdygon '07
  • Jennifer Wilkinson '07
  • James Whittet Forrester '07
  • Mog Youngberg '08
  • Mollie Hosmer-Dillard '05
  • Elsie White '07
  • Coriana Close '06
  • Trevor Walter ‘06
  • Meredith Dowling ‘06
  • Rob Stenger '05
  • Emma Blose '05
  • Brian Roche '05
  • Phoebe Beierle '04
  • Kiri Patel '04
  • Sarah Saunders '03
  • Kate Berrigan '03
  • Chaz Mortimer '03
  • Aay Preston-Myint '03
  • Ellen Kittredge '02
  • John Rogers '01
  • Z Petrovic '01
  • Laurel Paget-Seekins '01
  • Audra Abt '01
  • Emily Hague '01
  • Francesca Gordon '01
  • Julia Negele '01
  • Mary Lee Haughwout '00
  • Allison Oberg '00
  • Orion Walker '00
  • Mark Frey '00
  • Andrew Hankinson '00
  • Rachel Dannefer '99
  • Jenna Hill '99
  • Chantal Hardy '98
  • Sadhu Johnston '98
  • Ellen Kazary
  • Emily Wilson
  • Merrill (Max) Truax
  • Maggie Callahan