How to Submit a Work Order

Work Order Request System

Facilities Operations uses the web-based work order management system SchoolDudePlease submit ALL work order requests online at If you are having trouble as an existing user, or you are a new user that has never submitted and online request, please click here for assistance. When prompted, please enter account number 67353486 and use the submittal password workorder.

For emergency work orders please check the box that says Maintenance Emergency when filing your work order requests online at You can call the office during regular business hours at 440-775-8445 to follow up on your work order after submitting it online. You can also send a follow-up email to

Work Order requests for special event set ups are managed by Service Transportation. These typically include requests for tables, chairs and podiums for departmental events, student union activities, special speakers, concerts, open houses, etc. These can be submitted in the same manner as all other work requests through SchoolDude. Please remember to include a set up date and time as well as a tear down date and time. A departmental account number is also mandatory for these types of work requests. These should be noted in “Step 4 – Please describe your problem or request.”

If you are experiencing an emergency and it is outside the regular hours of 8:00am–4:30pm please contact the Office of Safety and Security at 440-775-8444. Remember to please be as specific as possible when reporting an issue.

For the MaintenanceDirect Requestor Guide for SchoolDude Requestors, please click here. Click here to submit a WORK ORDER.

Writing a Good Work Order Request

Please include location, exact nature of problem or request, FOAP number (if not a building charge), your name and contact number. Please see examples below of good work order requests VS. bad work order requests, which may be declined:


Dish machine not working.


Hobart dish machine (OC# 0689) leaking from right side door onto floor. Rinse cycle of washing lasts very short period of time (approx. 5 seconds when supposed to be ~20 seconds) and is not at adequate temperature for wash cycle (only getting up to 112 degrees when supposed to be minimum 180 degrees).


Pick up box and deliver to mail room.


Time sensitive: please pick up a box in our office and deliver it to the mail room - UPS will be picking up on Monday 12/12. They are bringing the label, so at the moment, it's just a brown box behind our office door. I'll put a sign on it so it's clear what it is if I'm not here. USE FOAP  10010-0000-xxxx-00.


I need a table and some chairs at the Science Center.


Please deliver 1 – 8ft table and 4 chairs to the Science Ctr Commons on 12/17 by 11am. We will be selling tickets for the Fat Baby and the Girls concert. Please pick the tables & chairs back up after 1pm same day. USE FOAP  10010-0000-xxxx-00.


I need to rent a car for a conference on Monday, December 12th.


Type of vehicle: Intermediate
Date and time of departure: 7:30 am Monday, December 12
Date and time of return:5:30 pm, Monday, December 12
First and Last Name of MVR approved driver/s:John Doe
Department and phone number: Facilities Operations, 58445
FOAP : 10010-0000-xxxx-00

Work Requests

The Facilities Operations office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00am–4:30pm. The office observes the following holidays: Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Winter Shutdown, Martin Luther King Day, and Memorial Day.

One of our many functions here at Facilities is to repair facility issues that arise. Last academic year we had over 26,734 work order requests submitted to our office through SchoolDude. These requests include things like: broken doorknobs, clogged toilets, restoring electricity, extermination needs, etc. Work requests are prioritized by urgency by our Facilities Operations managers. If you have a specific date that you need service completed by, please let us know that date when placing the work request. This will help us to prioritize your needs as we are working our way through the work requests that continuously come into our office.

If you do have a question or further information, please don’t hesitate to call our office (x58445). We can look up your existing work request and check the status or update information as needed. Please have your work order number available before calling.  

Once we know that you have a problem, we will make every effort to resolve it as quickly as possible. This means we will need to enter your office or room. We don’t want to startle you by entering the premises. We will knock! When we knock, please respond so we know you are "home". Prior to our arrival, please be sure to move any personal items that may be in the way as we are trying to resolve your request.