Experimental College (ExCo)

Experimental College (ExCo)

Experimental College (ExCo) is both a student-run organization and a department of the college that sponsors courses taught by members of the Oberlin community: faculty, students, administrators, and residents. Each year ExCo offers a list of subjects not found in the regular curriculum. These courses often reflect the current academic, cultural, social, political, and intellectual trends of the Oberlin community.

Established in 1968 and managed by a small committee of college students, ExCo courses might include operating a printing press, learning swing dance, building conflict management skills, and learning principles of sound design. The committee sponsors an ExCo Fair each semester to promote courses and begin registration.

Students may earn from one to two credit hours for an ExCo course and may receive up to five hours of credit toward graduation from ExCo courses. Anyone can take or teach and ExCo course, including faculty, guest or visiting faculty, staff, students, and community members.

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