Student Policies

Student Regulations, Policies, and Procedures

Student Regulations, Policies, and Procedures

This published version of the Oberlin College Student Regulations, Policies, and Procedures is intended to be a guide to the principles and policies that shape and regulate our community. Those who matriculate at Oberlin have entered into a unique community, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. By joining this community, you are expected to understand and abide by the principles and policies that enable us to thrive as educators, scholars, and learners. 

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The Purpose of Published Regulations

The purpose of the delineation of rights, freedoms, and responsibilities that follows is to foster learning and the free exchange of ideas within a cooperative academic community.

I. Introduction

As a deliberate community of scholars, Oberlin College has a set of rules and regulations that are intended to enable students to strike a reasonable balance between personal freedom and their responsibility to the quality of life in their ... Read more » 

II. Student Bill of Rights

A. Philosophy It is understood that Oberlin students are adults. Therefore, Oberlin College does not act in loco parentis. The college provides students with the freedom and encouragement to make decisions and requires them to assume responsibility ... Read more » 

III. Campus Code of Conduct

Students are expected to be responsible for their actions and to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules and regulations of the college. Violation of the Oberlin College Code of Conduct shall be grounds for disciplinary action. Violations ... Read more » 

IV. Academic Integrity and Conduct Systems

As a residential college, Oberlin offers a context in which rich intellectual and social exchangement continues in spaces beyond the classroom; and nurtures a holistic educational experience that leads students to life-long engagement in learning. This ... Read more » 

V. Enrollment Policies

This segment delineates important regulations, policies, and procedures related to student enrollment. For additional information regarding student accounts and student academic records see the websites of the Office of the Registrar, and Student ... Read more » 

VI. Policies for Selected Facilities and Services

The Oberlin College ​environment provides access to ​exemplary services and facilities. When using these ​services and spaces, please adhere to all provided policy.​ Refer to the list on the right ​and select the topic ​to view the respective policy.

VII. Student Governance and Activities

Any regularly enrolled full-time student is eligible for all recognized extracurricular activities; all others are not. Any group of students is free to organize for any purpose in accordance with the regulations of Oberlin College. Advisors to student... Read more » 

VIII. Grievance Procedures

As a first step, students are urged to go directly to the person(s) concerned and discuss the source of their problem as openly as possible. If this confrontation of the difficulty and airing of a grievance leads to no resolution, or when it seems ... Read more » 

IX. Housing and Dining Regulations

The college’s Housing and Dining Program is an integral and required component of an Oberlin education. In choosing this residential college, students agree to accept the following principles, terms, and conditions, and to be responsible for all... Read more » 

X. Additional Policies and Resources

Please use the links in this section to access additional important information regarding Oberlin College student policies.