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VII. Student Governance and Activities

VII. Student Governance and Activities

A. Eligibility

Any regularly enrolled full-time student is eligible for all recognized extracurricular activities; all others are not.

B. Student Organizations, Clubs, Associations, Publications

Any group of students is free to organize for any purpose in accordance with the regulations of Oberlin College. Advisors to student organizations will be chosen or approved annually by the organizations concerned. All student organizations are subject to the by-laws of the Student Senate and in concurrence with the General Faculty Student Life Committee and the General Faculty.

All procedures related to the initiation of new charters, the amendment of existing charters, or the re-initiation of inactive charters should be presented by the student organization, and should be directed to the Student Union office in Wilder. All charters and their amendments are subject to the approval of the Student Senate, the General Faculty Student Life Committee, and the General Faculty. Copies of all charters are on file at the Student Union.

All student organization funds are subject to the provisions of the Student Financial Charter.

C. Secret Societies

No secret society is allowed at Oberlin, and no other societies or self-perpetuating organizations are allowed among students, except by permission of the faculty. This is to be understood to include social and rooming-house clubs.

D. Athletics

The supervision and control of official athletic activities of the college is the responsibility of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education. The department has the counsel and assistance of an Advisory Committee on Athletics consisting of members of the General Faculty and students.

Oberlin College is a member of the North Coast Athletic Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The rules of the college and of these conferences and associations govern intercollegiate athletics for men and women.

No student may officially represent Oberlin College in any intercollegiate athletic contest without the prior approval of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education