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Double Degree Program

Double Degree Program

A Double-Degree Profile

In five years or fewer, double-degree students complete work for the Bachelor of Music degree from the Conservatory of Music and the Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Since 1920, Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music have been providing an unmatched opportunity for students who want to combine rigorous pre-professional music training with a thorough liberal arts education, allowing them to complete two undergraduate degrees (BM and BA) in five years or fewer.

The success of Oberlin’s double-degree program is due to a collaborative community, a shared campus, and a supportive advisory process guiding students along diverse paths, making the program unique amongst its peers.

About 40 students enter the double-degree program each year. With exceptional talent and intellectual passion, double-degree students demonstrate a capacity for intensive focus in their academics, which brings context and imagination to their music, and vice versa.

Majors may be obviously interrelated, such as voice and French or German, or quite unrelated such as bassoon performance and neuroscience. There are also opportunities for integrating a complementary self-designed major—piano performance and arts administration, for example.

The double degree is a conduit to a huge array of possibilities for life beyond Oberlin. For students who prefer the most expansive bachelor’s education, the acquisition of two degrees has proven to be rewarding for Oberlin graduates for more than 90 years.

Candidates wishing to pursue the double-degree option must apply for admission to both the college and conservatory separately.