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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science

Cognitive science is the multidisciplinary study of the mind in order to understand such concepts as consciousness, perception, memory, reasoning, and problem solving. Cognitive scientists examine the structures and processes that support mental representations, thought, and behavior. They integrate perspectives and methodologies from a variety of parent disciplines including anthropology, biology, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, music cognition, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology.

The concentration takes advantage of Oberlin’s strengths in many academic areas, which fits well into the liberal arts philosophy and our approach to ensuring students have a well- rounded education.

Curriculum Overview

Our Cognitive Sciences Concentration will provide you with a broad perspective on the study of cognition, ranging from the study of a single neuron, to brain systems and processes, to complex behavior. Because cognitive science is multidisciplinary, you must take relevant courses from several fields of inquiry.

Requirements include two core courses—one in psychology and one in neuroscience.  You also will take four elective courses. To give you a broad perspective, these elective courses must be from different participating academic departments within the concentration. In addition to the identified courses, you may take an appropriate full course private reading or other course offering as one of the elective courses.  Prior approval from the chair of cognitive science for any substitution is required.

The Cognitive Science Concentration is open to any student, irrespective of major. However, the concentration may not substitute for a major or minor. Consult with your advisor or a member of the concentration committee and complete the Declaration of Cognitive Science Concentration form if you wish to pursue this course of study.

A Cognitive Science Concentration Committee comprised of faculty members approves and supervises the curriculum and concentration. Committee members are listed below.

Read more about the Cognitive Science Concentration in the course catalog.

Cognitive Science Committee Members