Business Careers

Although Oberlin does not offer a major in business, a liberal arts education is widely considered the best undergraduate preparation for a business career. The majority of CEOs of major corporations received liberal arts degrees as undergraduates. Many of our graduates choose to work in the for-profit sector.

Oberlin offers many resources to develop your creative, intellectual, and analytical abilities in a broad range of topics while you are in college. You will have prepared well for any business opportunity while keeping many other options open.

In your first semester at Oberlin, start seeking out faculty members and administrators who know about business to get advice about how to use your years at Oberlin to the greatest advantage. You should also meet with a Career Center advisor and sign up on the e-mail list for students interested in business.


Curriculum Overview

Future employers in the competitive business world will want to see that you chose challenging academic coursework, and that you are a strong student. You should major in a topic that interests you and in which you can do well. It is important to gain quantitative skills that will help you on the job. Enroll in at least one college-level calculus course and consider taking a course in statistics, too. It is also a good idea to take at least one course in economics and courses that will develop your ability to write well.

Oberlin Business Scholars is an experiential winter-term project that provides students with a foundation of skills, knowledge, and contacts to successfully compete for jobs and internships in the fields of finance and consulting. Students who participate in this monthlong program have the opportunity to learn from Oberlin alumni during workshops conducted at Oberlin as well as in Cleveland, Chicago, and New York City.

Course Sampling

  • CSCI 190 - How to Model It
  • ECON 050 - Subprime Mortgage Meltdown: Analysis of Market and Regulatory Failure
  • ECON 211 - Money, the Financial System and the Economy
  • ECON 227 - International Trade and Finance
  • ENTR 101-   Business Model Innovation

Visit the Career Center website for more information.