Careers in Education

A liberal arts degree is an excellent foundation for a career in education. Although Oberlin College does not have an undergraduate department of education, many graduates have pursued a variety of paths to a teaching career. Some teach in private schools and have gone on to teach directly after graduation.

Teach for America and other alternative programs for entering the public school system are also popular. However, the majority of Oberlin graduates interested in a long-term commitment to public school teaching have followed the path most recommended, which is to couple their liberal arts degree with a master’s degree in education or teaching. This combination provides the best teacher preparation and complies with the movement of many state boards of education toward requiring a master’s degree to maintain state licensure.

It is also possible for students to gain supervised experience in tutoring and classroom teaching. In addition to standard courses, many departments offer private readings and winter-term projects related to education. Students should consult the Career Center about graduate education programs and employment opportunities. Oberlin’s Bonner Center for Service and Learning also has information about volunteer and internship opportunities related to education.


Curriculum Overview

There is no designated department of education at Oberlin except in the Conservatory of Music, which offers a degree in music education; however, Oberlin has a number of courses available to help a student assess his or her interest in education and provide a solid background for future endeavors in the field. Students who plan to teach secondary grades or high school should declare a major at Oberlin College in the subject area they wish to teach.

In addition, students teach Experimental College (ExCo) courses, which provide them the chance to teach their own class on a subject of their choice or to pursue other tutoring and mentorship ExCo experiences.

Course Sampling

  • PSYC 216 - Developmental Psychology
  • RHET 401 - Teaching and Tutoring Writing Across Disciplines
  • EDUA 101 - Language Pegagogy
  • SOCI 314 - Unequal Education/li>
  • POLT 409 - Public Education, Policy and Law


The Career Center 
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