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Terri Pleska

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Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2008-09

Danforth-Lewis Speakers, 2008-09

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Kartik Arthreya (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) - "A Quantitative Theory of Information & Unsecured Credit"

Michael Hanson  - "Reconsidering the Optimality of Federal Reserve Forecasts"

Richard Herring ’68 (Wharton School, U Penn) - "Crises-Driven Regulatory Reform: Is This Really Where We Want to Go? And If Not, How Do We Exit?"

Julie Hotchkiss (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta) - "Undocumented Worker Employment & Firm Survival"

Larry Kranich (SUNY, Albany) - "Intertemporal Cost-Sharing"

Nancy Marion ’71 (Dartmouth) - "International Reserve Accumulation in Emerging Markets"

Edward McKelvey ’68 (Goldman Sachs) - "In the Vortex of the Liquidity Drain..."

Jon Moen (U Mississippi) - "A Preliminary Revision to Gainful Employment Rates: US Men 65 and Older in 1900"

Alberto Ortiz (Oberlin College) - "Credit Market Shocks, Monetary Policy, and Economic Fluctuations"

John Romalis (Chicago)  - "Inequality & Prices: Does China Benefit the Poor in America?"

Jennifer Steele (Washington State) - "The Optimal Sequencing of Carrots"

Honor Students:

Lucas Brown, “Competition, Publicity, an Gender Differences in Educational Incentive Programs: Experimental Evidence”.


Helen Hare, “Child Care Arrangement and Cognitive Outcomes: Research and Data from the National Longitudinal Survey”.


James Hepp, “The Effect of Homeownership on Social Capital form the County Level Perspective”.


Benjamin Klebanoff, “Increasing the Efficiency and Efficacy of the War on Drugs: Utilizing the STRIDE Database to Analyze Cocaine Seizures”.


John Lindner, “A Sensitivity Analysis of Alternative Poverty Indices Using Alternative Poverty Measures”.


Max Roessler, “The Effect of Professional Sports on Social Capital”.


Woan Foong Wong, “An Analysis of Education Subsidy in the Presence of Fertility Decisions, Human Capital Accumulation, and Spillovers”.